Carpe Diem: Sagittarius (the centaur/archer)

you are the right syllabic
sum for haiku form

though no surprise as
your arrows hit tried and true
for meeting all marks

swift, mighty seeker
half-human, half striking beast
wholly genuine

precious love you give
the soul’s balm of Gilead
most gracious of friends


© 2013 jody love


The Centaur is a fiercely independent being. It’s my understanding that few ever receive the privilege of getting close enough to ride upon one. (Not sure how to break this tragic news to those who pine after this passionately beautiful beast.) 😉 However, they are loyal friends to have, particularly in battle, being both intelligent and athletic. Just like with their arrows, their minds don’t miss a thing – so don’t think you’ll get something past a Sagittarius. The good news is, when you’re forthright, they’re gracious and forgiving friends.

My heart has a tendency to be drawn to Sagittarians, apparently, as some of my most genuinely favorite people fall within this birth time realm, their birthdays also resting near our Thanksgiving celebration dates. And, let me say, I am greatly thankful for these adventuresome people in my life. (I have a feeling I’d love them no matter the day they’d been born though!) 😉


During the first half of April, Carpe Diem’s haiku prompts focus on The Zodiac. The April 1st prompt was simply on The Zodiac, in general. Since then, we’ve moved around the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circumference almost daily. Today’s prompt moves us much closer towards the end of the zodiac to – Sagittarius, the half-human, half-equine (half-fascinating, half-frightening) archer.


7 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Sagittarius (the centaur/archer)

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