The Refractive Power of Waterfalls

The easiest way to explain refraction is the bending of a wave, rather than it being directly reflected back in a straight path. (For us, we can see this with light waves.)

The Weekly Photo Challenge just happens to be on that topic: Refraction.

So let me refract your attention…
Anyone who knows me also knows how much I love hiking, waterfalls, butterflies & rainbows. (Note that I outgrew adding unicorns to the list.) But none of these compare to me nearly as much as the love I have for my family.

I believe I’m going to be able to work in all of these themes into this one post – without it being too much of a challenge (again, except for the unicorns)! 😉


Waterfalls are often good places to spot the refractive power of the bending of the light spectrum. And you can see that I found my treasures at the end of this waterfall rainbow!




Another North Carolina waterfall that we ran across on a short hike together – more like a 1/2 mile stroll in flip-flops. (Wait to you see what was enjoying the water being refracted from the rocks at the bottom!)

blue mountain butterflies

Tiny water droplets surround the blue mountain butterflies, who are enjoying the refreshing splash from the base of the falls, as each drop is refracted (along with glimmers of pyrite) from the sun’s rays and the shape of the camera lens. (The sunlight is actually also causing the blue from the upper part of the wings to be cast through, reflecting blue onto the otherwise brown side, as the butterflies fold up their wings.)


More water droplets depict refractive qualities, bouncing from the ground and out of the camera frame – much like the majority of the butterflies, now also making refractive pathways. (Notice the one in mid flight – towards top-middle of the frame – and how its underside camouflages it when its wings are folded & the light isn’t reflected through it, by blending in with the ground covering.)


And someone has been refracted from his upright position here, proving that tickling may be the most intense refractive power of all!!!! (Who knows? It could’ve even crippled Superman worse than Kryptonite!)

Re-Sieving the Light

Re-Sieving Light


Inspired by Trifextra for the Weekend…on the subject of light. Here’s the exact wording of the challenge:

“This weekend’s prompt is to write 33 words exactly inspired by the following photo project by Eirik Solheim.  Each slice of the photo compilation is a different day of the year, taken from the same location. Note the progression of light and seasons.  Take some time to ponder the rebirth and resurgence and ultimate triumph that is nature and growth and light.  Think about time and the sun and the movement of both.  Fill yourself up with it, and then write.”

– See more at:

In response, I considered how blind we are to so much going on around us and how very different we see through our various lenses. Each time we see from another perspective, in many ways, it may be as miraculous as a blind person receiving sight for the first time. Perhaps there’s excitement on one level, resistance to the change on another – regardless of the originally planned desire “to see.” Even the blind person surely already “saw” – just differently. In either case, we must re-sieve (re-filter) that which we thought we understood well before. Isn’t that a good lesson to learn from the changing seasons gifted upon us? The fact that it happens again and again, each and every year, tells me there are many lessons for us to learn – or maybe only one in which we need a lifetime of practice to get!

I hope you enjoy my varying perspectives in formatting here, where I’m attempting to guide you through the change in a direction your eyes might not have naturally chosen for you.

Peace on your journey,


Betwixt and Between

The cross taken down

Lying empty as my heart

World’s light extinguished

All hope is now gone.


my soul pleads

As if knowing more than I,

Bathed in nothingness

Left chilled to the bone.

Who am I to beg?

Did I not condemn him there?

Abandoned to die…




Original Image Source Unknown

Original Image Source Unknown

__________________________________________________ When I read Trifecta’s word challenge this week, I couldn’t think of anything else I’d written or could write that better depicted the challenge than, according to John, the Ultimate Source of Light who came into the world to dwell among us.

I was inspired to write this poem surrounding the season in which the time of Lent is coming to an end, and the dark day of Good Friday settles in. It was only good for us, not the One to whom we come to remember. At that time, we recognize that our Savior willingly surrendered his life out of love for us. And we wait for the Light to return to us on Easter.

I’ve included all the definitions of light, but it’s the third one that Trifecta is after – the source.
1a : something that makes vision possible   b : the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors   c : electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second; specifically : such radiation that is visible to the human eye 2a : daylight   b : dawn

Please remember:

  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
  • Only one entry per writer.
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Blinded by the Light

“Get this blasted thing out! It burns!”

“Well…she did say you were darkness, and the light would blind you.”

“You’d be blinded too, Lucifer, if you had a crucifix shoved in your eye!”


My Dark Side :)

Here’s proof that I do, indeed, have a “dark side.” 🙂 LOL

Wonderful weekend wishes to all! -jody


 For Trifecta’s weekend Trifextra challenge, they asked for 33 words of dialogue.

I decided to wait until Sunday to post, but if you want to give it a shot, there may still be a few hours left. Just follow either the trike link or the text link I’ve created above. Happy Dialoguing!  -jody

Word a Week Photo Challenge: Light

Celebrating the Light that Has Come into the World !!!

Starlight Worship Banner

Starlight Worship Banner



He says, “You will do more than restore the people of Israel to me. I will make you a light to the Gentiles, and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Isaiah 49:6





Matthew 4:16






In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.

John 1:4




When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

-John 8:12




These lights represent our worship stations this week, in which we interactively reflected on

Hope, Joy, Peace & Love –

as the Light who came into the world.


In response to the Word a Week Photo Challenge: Light – 

Let your light so shine among men…
(that’s “bible-speak” for women too, of course!)