The Next Tomorrow

Test Cover_Next Tomorrow

In a land full of uncertainties, Dr. Hope Warner has come to believe in two absolutes:
God’s desire to unwaveringly offer His love to a broken world, and God’s calling on her life to faithfully suffer with those who suffer. Her sense of conviction becomes shaken, though, when a man she once loved arrives without notice in the place of her mission calling 15 years since they were last divided, only to be torn from her once more in their tragic plight to safety. Except for the comfort she carries in his final eternal decision, Hope is left feeling as if she has somehow failed Mykhail Schevchenko, unable to save his physical life. Now Hope must reconcile her life’s calling with the left-over effects of her PTSD – and whether she will ever have the potential to love again.

Hope’s continued mission journey seeks to answer whether Mykhail’s declaration from many years ago will hold true for her, when once he arrogantly proclaimed,

“Omnia vincent amor, dearest Hope. Love conquers all.”