Novel Notions

I presently have three major writing projects in the works:

At the Water's Edge CoverAt the Water’s Edge is my first completed novel, being very dear to my heart. I would categorize it as Mystical Realism (though if you want to call it Magical Realism, I’ll go with that too, as the Emerald Isle is both a mystical and magical place for me each time my mind allows me voyage there.)

I dedicated this work to two very special people who have gone on ‘into the mystic’: my nephew, Jamie, who loved our Irish ancestry and was diligent in researching it; and my daughter, Danielle, who I wanted to have the opportunity to have her own magical life adventure – so I created one for her.

Book Cover IIcOn the Bleeding Edge is the sequel to At the Water’s Edge. Some characters have a tendency to latch onto the hearts of readers (and, more accurately, authors). In this case, I’m speaking of Weylin Donnelly; and Wey, most assuredly, needs to ‘have his day.’   This sequel may even answer some surprising questions that the reader of the first book may or may not have considered.

The image on my test cover is one that I took with my iPhone from my own front porch.

Rolling_River_CoverRolling River is what I term a Modern-Day Tragedy. It grabbed me up and swept me away because of my love for being out on the whitewater and my proclamation that my dream job has always been that of a White Water River Guide. (Yes, I’ve been incessantly inquisitive on every trip I’ve ever made with a guide in a raft down a river; even though I’ve whitewater canoed for as long as I can remember.) I’d been given the privilege by my youth group and family members in the past to be their guide, but I was once designated as an ‘honorary apprentice’ by our guide, Matt, on a two-day trip down the Fall Gauley (otherwise lovingly referred to as The Beast of the East). Not only did he teach me a great deal from a guide’s perspective, but Matt went so far as to make a deal with me that if he fell out, I could assume his role. Then, it truly did happen that he was on his way out of the back of the raft in a nasty hole that was giving us a wild ride (where you wouldn’t have wanted to be ‘down under’) when I was able to grab onto his leg (and then, somehow, his PFD) and bring him back in before he got completely away from me. He told me he couldn’t believe I’d actually saved him and given up on my chance to fulfill my dream. I decided writing about the experience was better than sacrificing Matt, our faithful guide. 😉

The image on this test cover is one I took while hiking the Conasauga River in January.

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