Aging of Aquarius

My Aquarius
little love looked up at me
first babe at my breast

showering your gifts
my world made a better shift
all for knowing you

Your new age has come
quite revolutionary
you give in great sum

water to

Aquarians have an unpredictable pattern (as do the near-rhymes in my haiku trio above) if you don’t understand their rhythm. They are inspiring visionaries and generous humanitarians. They make their own social constructs to get their goals accomplished, but do it in the spirit of teamwork towards bringing all together. Follow their lead and all will go well – for all. (Best not to find out what happens to those who don’t want to be team players with these strong-willed trendsetters!)  Having an Aquarius as first-born simply makes good sense. 😉


During the first half of April, Carpe Diem’s haiku prompts have focused on The Zodiac. The April 1st prompt was simply on The Zodiac, in general. Since then, we’ve traveled almost full-circle through the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circumference. Today’s prompt moves us to the 11th sign – Aquarius (water bearer).

With only one sign left to go, here’s a list of where we’ve been:



9 thoughts on “Aging of Aquarius

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  2. YAY..I have been waiting all week for this one. I am an Aquarius and I always say that we are the ‘best sign of the zodiac” 😉
    I am also the first born of my siblings with a Cancer sister and an Aries brother.

    I couldn’t wait to see what you wrote about us, the dreamers, the daydreamers, the people pleasing LOVERS. I was so thrilled that you found the heart of us and gave us the words for it

    I loved this. XO

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