Carpe Diem#966 – Passing of Spring

My submission today is in response to the Carpe Diem prompt: passing of spring.
Chèvrefeuille invites all to “Share your haiga with us all here at our Haiku Kai. Have fun!”

Spring passed


Passing of Spring Haiku

Tulips bow their heads
Green leaves sway in reverence
Spring’s new dawn has passed

Carpe Diem #956 Stars

My submission today is in response to the Carpe Diem prompt: stars. “Enjoy this episode and let it inspire you to create a haiku, haiga or tanka, tank-art.!”

I decided to form a tiny star haiga regarding my personal response to the first time I stood on the bank of Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior on a clear summer’s night. It was then when I realized the enormity of stars I had never before seen in the sky. (May you also be-dazzled by my humor to the double entendre degree.)



Carpe Diem “Time Glass” #6 “Pine Tree”

Spread my wings

Of broad imagination

Tip to tip

No gravity

Aim for prolific horizon

Dare not look down


Written on the spur of the moment (on a much-needed break from writing a scientific article) in response to:

Carpe Diem “Time Glass” #6 “Pine Tree”

in which the goal is to compose and link-up a haiku inspired on a given photo and a prompt within 12 hours. This feature will bring you into that “moment” as short as the sound of a pebble thrown in water, one of the base-rules of haiku.

Thanks for the loveliness of the moment! -j



Carpe Diem Haiku: (Instruction in) Tribulation

stop your wish, child, for

through trials and tribulations

patience only comes


Somewhere between teenage- and woman-hood, I once sat at my grandmother’s dining room table, impatiently pulling out poorly directed stitches. She leaned over my shoulder, adjusting her glasses for a better look at what the fuss was all about.

“I know, I know, ” I grumbled beneath my breath. “I just need to learn more patience.” It seemed reasonable to me to be the first to get the reprimand out in the open. Maybe it would have less sting that way.

My granny walked around the table and looked at me circumspectly. “If you thought I was going to say that, you’d be greatly mistaken. Whatever you do, don’t ever pray for patience, Jody.”

Old book from 1879 detailShe reached on the little cubby shelf behind her to retrieve her bible, again adjusting her glasses to help her flip to the appropriate page. She turned the Good Book as she laid it out in front of me, and tapped her finger a couple of times to direct my attention.

I began reading Romans 5:3, quickly arriving at: “…knowing that tribulation worketh patience…”

My grandmother had already walked away by the time the implication was sinking in. Looking back, I’m sure she had a smirk tucked across her lips.


For more haiku (or to submit your own), join me at Carpe Diem.

Word a Week/Carpe Diem Haiga: Boat(load) of Curiosity


mind adrift toward distant shores

chaos acquiesced

Sunset at the Marina

Sunset at the Marina

Kristjaan at Carpe Diem taught me a new term this week for the combination of my photos and haiku: haiga.

So this submission is surely in his honor.

I also noticed that Sue at A Word in Your Ear had her Word a Week challenge out on Boat.

The two seemed to dock harmoniously together, much like these vessels resting at the marina, preparing to dream of more chaotic days to come, where the wind will again whip through their curious sails.

Carpe Diem Haiku: Otiosity


e’er compelled to climb,

at top no more to find but



These are recent pics I took of “the littles” (who are striving to become middles) and “the middle” (who desperately desires to become a big).

And isn’t that exactly the point here?

Humans seem to be born with this urge to climb — to climb to higher places…higher positions…higher possibilities.

Yet we don’t know why — because, most often, once we get there and see from a different point of view, we find that reaching the destination may have been somewhat futile. After all, once you get “there,” there’s always somewhere else you could be, another position from which you can potentially see.

Just remember — climbing is an exciting, wonderful adventure…just as long as you’re not stepping on anyone else to get “there.”


This haiku was written in response to the Carpe Diem daily haiku meme. (By following the link, you can read others on the subject or create and share your own.)

Carpe Diem #181, Storyteller

I drew close to heed
a master storyteller
did not trust his tales

someone ground this hog
reports unreliable
go clean out his cage


Wrote this haiku set for Carpe Diem today. (I decided I’d just use the groundhog as my scapegoat, since I’m convinced Spring actually never came at all for us this year! You can view the full version of my storytelling on this at Groundhog Apocalypse.)

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