About Jody

Hi. I’m Jody Love. Thanks for stopping in to celebrate life with me.

After several times of being prodded by pals to share my writings and ramblings, I decided to stop dismissing their suggestions and just follow their advice.

That’s always been my downfall in life, you see – following my friends’ advice.

Frankly, I never understood why my dad felt the need to ask if all my friends jumped off the Market Street Bridge, would I jump too? I mean, how many excursions did he really need to take me on to solidify his answer? It seemed pretty obvious to me.

There was no way I was going to take a chance that I might miss out on some of life’s excitement!


And therein lies the intent of this blogging adventure…

to celebrate the exciting & wondrous gift of our triumphant human spirits – whether by humor, inspiration or insight.

So glad your spirit got to join my spirit on such an incredible life journey as the human experiment experience!

43 thoughts on “About Jody

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “Dreams…” today. Your visit and the like are much appreciated. Please stop by again soon and enjoy all of life’s adventures! I love your attitude about taking chances and not wanting to miss out on life’s excitement! Robyn

    • gosh, thanks Lew. Your words are reminiscent to something like my dad would’ve said to me: “You’re very funny. I’ll be back…in a little while, to see how well you’re doing at cleaning up this mess you’ve made, funny girl.” Feel free to do the same! =-D

  2. I love this About page – my mother used to ask me this same question very, very often and I answered with shrugs and by doing my own thing. She gave up in the end and now just settles for disapproving looks and the occasional grunt. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Jody, thank you for stopping, liking, and following my blog today. It wasn’t my dad who used to say the piece about jumping off the bridge. It was my mom. The bridge she referred to was here in Edmonton, the High Level Bridge. Sometimes it is good to go with the flow and follow the advice of friends. I am glad you have and look forward to following your written ramblings.

    Take care,


  4. Thanks for offering some Ah. May. Zing words of wisdom and for stopping by my little blog world. Excited to see where this life experience takes us. Happy our paths crossed this go around.

  5. Tickle, Tickle… I tagged you for The Next Big Thing as I am sure you have a book or two in you. It’s not much to do; the interview part is a little fun to write/dream about…Engage the day!

  6. You have a great outlook on life and a wonderful refreshing since of humor I love reading your blogs. The jumping of the bridge took me back to when I was a kid living in a small town in Texas, we had a cliff north of town that a few of us kids would climb and then jump off and I thank it all started with I double dog dare you to jump.

    • Thanks Harbin! Only a person WITH a great outlook can use it to enhance his point of view. So glad you stopped in so we could laugh over life together. I double dog dare you to do it again – and I’ll be sure to do the same on your blog. 🙂

  7. I’ve made a point to really enjoy my life. I’ve packed more travel in my lifetime than most retired folk will ever enjoy. I did so during my 42 year working career as an electronic technician. I’m an avid motorcyclist racking up over 500,000 miles since my first bike in 1980. I’m a fanatical photographer who used those miles to get to scenic locations. I started my photographic blog to share my home in the Pacific Northwest, my choice as my retirement home. I certainly don’t regret it. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently and know that I’ve saved your site to my favorites list. If I continue to enjoy your postings I’ll become an avid follower. – Bob

  8. You have an interesting blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog so often. I’ve marked your blog as a favorite and will follow your posts. 🙂

      • I was just looking at my later Lorikeet close-up post on my 21.5″ iMac monitor. It’s so colorful, vivid & sharp it’s scary real. I love my iMac. Thanks for the compliment & for taking the time to comments. Too many bloggers just press the LIKE button.

    • You are so sweet! I can’t believe I missed this before now. You’re not going to believe this, kz, but I placed you as a nominee in a post I plan to put up for the weekend. I’ll assuredly have to check out your link soon – please be patient with me. (I’m sneak peeking at random blog posts between dissertation breaks these days – which surely aren’t as many as I’d like them to be! lol)

    • What an awesomely awesome (did I mention awesome?!) invitation this is! (awesomely intimidating, as I can’t match up to the Amazing Marla – EVER!!!) But I am awesomely honored that you thought of me & I will try my best to at least measure up to 1/8 of your awesomeness – because I want to help you in your move. I’m so very, very excited for this page-turner in your life. 🙂

  9. Your spirit is a guiding light to so many people, including me. Thank you for everything you do. Whenever you visit my blog I smile to see the words humanTriumphant. I know from reading your posts that you have triumphed.

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