Rolling River


Whitewater adventures should always be exciting. But when nineteen-year-old Cody Halliburton shows up at Rolling River Outpost, he’s too wet behind the ears to understand that the thrill of a guide’s first year on the Talisa River can manage to stay with him for life, shaping a future Olympic career, all relational perceptions, and the growth and grief of his own soul.


Cody’s Preface

Guys don’t have magical moments in life like girls do. I mean, maybe we do, but we’ve grown up learning to hide our feelings and act tough; so if one came along, we probably wouldn’t recognize it.

Hell, who am I kidding? Men are just a bunch of dumbasses when it comes to that kinda’ stuff. Testosterone does all our romantic talking for us. That’s why we can’t hear over its loud roar when that small, almost silent voice inside our head whispers to our heart that this one’s different. By the time the message gets across the Great Wall of Hormones and through our thick skulls, we’ve usually already managed to screw things up.

I’d like to tell you this story turns out different from all that. If you believe me, that’s as close to a magical moment as I’m gonna’ be able to conjure up on this one.

8 thoughts on “Rolling River

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