Ode to the Fellow in Yellow

When considering what season we’re now in, I first thought of the Power of Pollination.
(It’s been so cold this year, that’s the only way we can recognize Spring.)

Then I remembered…
Prom season is preparing to pompously parade upon us.

Just to prove that Pollen isn’t the only thing that comes in yellow this time of year…
I thought I’d share this great prom photo of one of my colleagues and her date
from a few years past.

(When I put out a call for old prom pics – of which I, myself, never went –
Lori was the only one to respond, God bless her!
I thought I’d bless her – and her date, Tim – with an ode to their tropical evening of days past.)

Ode to the Fellow in Yellow

Mellow is the fellow who dares to wear yellow,
Ne’er to be mistook for a scoundrel in the bordello,
Nor a violent man of passion, such as was that guy, Othello.
Though he might often be a comic as that jokester was, Costello…
He plays his women smooth and strong, as if he were a cello.


My good friend, Lori – and her prom date, Tim
(who, btw, did give me permission to post these cute pics)

Easter Eggs-travaganza Endowments

I’ve received a couple of pre-Easter eggstra surprises this past week that I thought I’d share in my brief eggscape from the evil grasp of Chapter V of my dissertation. (Speaking of eggs…Chapter IV may have fried my brain, but Chapter V is working to scramble it.)

My oldest son returned from a fun break with one of his buds out in Colorado. When I got home from work a few days ago, I had some almond-covered egg-like surprises waiting for me, all in need of taste-testing.


Then, this morning, when I went to water my fern (still well before daylight, as I perilously teetered on my lawn furniture to do so), I received quite the startle – when a mama bird nearly flew right into my face. She was probably madder than a wet, er, sparrow – um, robin? Not sure, except I was thankful she was not a blue jay or a mocking bird – or a hawk, come to think of it. Point being, she got the worst of the startle, as she flew off to fluff her doused feathers.

I knew what her overnight presence in that fern signaled. So while she was away, I carefully lowered it onto the deck for a closer inspection. I’ll bet you already know what I found. Considering the nest still looks cozy and dry, that confirms my suspicions about Mama Bird getting the brunt of my shower of insults. Bet those baby birds will never even appreciate her for it, either – until they one day have their own little eggs, keeping them captive & from going to the potty. Isn’t that pretty much what it means to be a mom?


The point of this messy message? Spring is here! I hope you’re getting eggs-cited for Easter to arrive! -j