On the Bleeding Edge

Book Cover IIc

Currently working on the sequel to At the Water’s Edge.

Wey couldn’t believe his eyes when he climbed sorely from the boot of the car. He wanted to let a string of curse words go flying, but he was sure his ma would somehow hear them and show up to reprimand him. Aft all, they were close enough to Donnelly property for it to be a possibility. Of all the places they could’ve driven in Ireland, and this is where they chose? Wey looked up at the high ridge above them to the northeast. He recalled the day he’d pointed it out to Danielle, explaining how she was looking upon the back side of the same ridge where she’d gone with Wil on the day Wey had purposely interrupted them. He had sketched out the treacherous cliff path to her with his finger, the one that led over to the waterfall that was now roaring overhead. He’d even gone so far as to reveal to her there was an obscured passage that led beneath the falls into the cave on the other side. With immense agitation, he understood it was not by coincidence that these men had traveled to an area that adjoined this far back side of the Donnelly property.


Cervus lacessitus Leo"The stag at bay becomes a lion."

Cervus lacessitus Leo
“The stag at bay becomes a lion.”

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