Picking a (Pair of) Pisces


Peter Piper picked
a peck of pickled Pisces –
no…should be herring.

Wait! That’s still not right!
Pisces, you’re the picky one,
a tough catch to make.

fluid like water,
evolving from its great depths;
ruler of the seas?

flow like a river
carry me in your current

though ne’er to oneself

all life washes over you

oft’ pulled by the tides

smooth or turbulent
Omega to my Alpha
the surge never ends


© 2013 jody love


Oh, what to say of the final zodiac sign, the one who brings life full-circle (as I stated, the omega to my Aries’ alpha)? I will say that he’s the first love I ever depicted in my writing because of the soothing thirst he quenches while bringing a wealth of excitement to the table with his liquid gold offerings.

(Don’t miss there are 2 fish, not one – something about this is a little fishy in being reminiscent of the Gemini twins and their wishy-washiness!)

In At the Water’s Edge, Wil is the water-bound Pisces hero in ever sense of the word, from the story’s alpha to omega. His interactive transitions shift from crystal-clear refreshment to murky, turbulent moodiness; but the water themed surge he brings is always consistent throughout.

Danielle can see these changes through his eyes and takes an opportunity to point them out to him (once she’s feeling bolder in his presence): “They remind me of when I went sight-seeing in Dublin, and how the different parts of the Irish Sea all had their own hues of blue, like they were changing constantly with their varying Celtic moods. I think that’s how your eyes work too.”


During the first half of April, Carpe Diem’s haiku prompts have focused on The Zodiac. The April 1st prompt was simply on The Zodiac, in general. Since then, we’ve traveled full-circle through the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circumference. Today’s prompt moves us to the 12th & final sign – Pisces (the fishes).

As I say farewell to you on this subject, in zodiacal terms, I merely need to say – until we pass one another’s way again! For now, here are all the representations as I’ve chosen to cover them in haiku, for your review:



10 thoughts on “Picking a (Pair of) Pisces

  1. I loved this, my mom and husband (and several ex boyfriends are Pisces) you really GOT them in ths one. “fluid like water” and “Alpha to my Omega” were such beautiful phrases!

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