Personal Mission Possible Challenge

Set any personal goals lately?

I’ve always liked the idea of setting goals and keeping them before me – as an accountability measure to maintain focus. I did this in my personal life long before I used the technique in my early career years. Now, I can’t imagine beginning my day without going over a task list that corresponds to strategies I’ve planned for reaching life and work goals. (Okay, sometimes just for reaching the end of the week!)

I recall taking a course on Strategic Planning in graduate school that was a perfect fit for me. The idea that anyone would not see the value of developing a Vision, a Mission, and collaborating through a strategic planning process to involve those who are most influenced and most affected by the outcomes, also assuring measures of accountability to identified key indicators, leaves me incredulous. (Not really – I was just trying to guilt you.)

And yet…

It dawned on me this week that I’d never challenged myself to formally go through a strategic planning process from a personal standpoint. By the very fact that an organization’s (or an organism’s) values should be taken into account in the visioning process, I’d failed myself – ignoring one of the very things I claimed to value. (It falls just below mint chocolate chip ice cream.)

So with many life changes facing my family this year, I’d like our little organization to do some team planning.

I decided I’d get the ball rolling with my own Personal Mission Statement, one that can encompass a broad spectrum of my life interactions. We’ll call this the rough draft phase.

The basic questions to answer for a Mission Statement at the very least include:

  • What do I do? (Personally, you might ask this from a value-perspective of, Who Am I?)
  • How do I do it? (This is more of a broad scope ‘how.’ Specific ‘hows’ come later in the actual strategies.)
  • For whom am I doing it? (It may be implied that you’re doing it for yourself, but you should consider who else gets impacted – even if it isn’t directly written in your personal statement.)
  • What value am I bringing by doing it? (If you’re not bringing any, then why are you doing it? Refer to the last sentence of my own statement. I decided to make that clear — for me more than anybody else.)



To be forthright and intentional in building positive relations and making positive contributions in whatever I am a part – whether God-centered, family-centered, work-centered, or wherever opportunities arise – or else, if I cannot personally do so, to step back and get out of the way.

For goal-activating, this means that everything I do should be measured to this personal mission. 
Any goal I create should tie into this mission. Any personal action I take should be tested by this standard.

Maybe I should consider going back and making this my Vision Statement instead. 😉

For the individual, I think a mission statement has some vision built into it – 

  • Who do I want to be? (that’s still true to ME)
  • Within reason, what can I do that I may not always think to do NOW? (A true vision might not limit your present resources; a mission has to consider them. You are your own best untapped resource, however.)
  • Who might I impact if I thought/acted on a greater level? (This is the huge visioning transition. How can you take this and be a world-changer?)
  • What value might others get that I don’t realize? (This means you have to interact with others to ask them!)

The great thing about Strategic Planning is that it’s a fluid process, with the ability to change as does the surrounding climate. I’m still playing around with my own statement, but I plan for the Positive language to persist. That’s the climate where I believe we all best thrive.

What about you? Have you considered how your own Personal Mission Statement might appear?

Should you choose to accept this mission…
I would love to see how your own mission appears on paper.

Since we’re in the blogging world, just consider it a Challenge! 🙂

On to a great life mission,



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