Race fast, safe car (Palindrome Sagas among the Sexes – Take 1)

Cain, a maniac, in his Civic racecar
running a testset to preen his speed as level
Ran into
Hannah, a Toyota madam, new to his dirt track –
stats profess: running with the devil.

In honor of all the fun & excitement provided by friends we used to cheer on years ago at the Cleveland Speedway


Was very sad to learn today that the Trifecta writing challenge won’t be with us much longer.
But while it’s still here, let’s continue to share in the fun of it – 3 times over!

This week’s challenge: You’ve got exactly 33 words and one must be a palindrome.

(I’ve italicized the ones I was able to work in. Only one had to be a palindrome. The others just added to my fun.)

– See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2014/03/trifextra-week-104.html?showComment=1394540020093#c3072512728967232353

25 thoughts on “Race fast, safe car (Palindrome Sagas among the Sexes – Take 1)

  1. Well now, aren’t you just the clever gal, with all those appropriate palindromes sprinkled liberally throughout your post! 🙂 Good for you. You make writing seem so easy and effortless. I am glad to have met so many talented and wonderful people via Trifecta and one of the people I am most glad to have met is you. As much as I love your writing prowess I am equally enamoured with your compassionate heart. Thanks for setting such a good example, in all regards. I hope we remain in touch in the great world beyond Trifecta. 🙂

    • Tom, are you trying to make me cry? I surely don’t want there to be any good-byes among our group, so thank you for honoring me with those words – as you have so many times with many other wonderful ones. You’ve made me have a Dorothy moment, where I feel like I’m telling the Scarecrow goodbye. 😦 So let’s surely not do that, as your own words, thoughts, compassion, inspiration touch so many of our hearts. (wish I knew how to make one of those little hearts on the computer right now). Love to you & so many others here!! -j

    • Not even I knew, Kymm – ha! But I was there to be a great supporter, nonetheless. Thanks for all your encouragement & support in this forum, as well as the numerous times you’ve entertained me here!

  2. you’re incredible…always and forever. Thankful for trifecta for our meeting, but I’m not going anywhere..I’ll read your words forever Jody.

      • I just feel so lucky to know and write alongside with people like you. Jody, you’re a light in this world and I’m so glad I get to sit in just a tiny sliver of your shine. 🙂

  3. Holy cow, and you even made it *rhyme*! Jody, this is hysterical and fabulous and quirky and so well-written. I loved it. I am so pleased to have run across you at Trifecta (and btw, Tom practically made me cry too; he’s just so sweet). I know I’ve seen you around the prompt-o-sphere, so hopefully I’ll run into you again!

    • Gosh, my head is spinning, Christine! Thanks for working at keeping us connected otherwise. It would be tragic to think of losing the opportunity to meet up with you to continue honing your skill & my silliness! 😉

  4. “Cain, a maniac”, “stats profess: running with the devil”. These lines really expanded your trip. The piece is so sharp, it’s almost like your showing off. Your voice reminds me of Bradbury, that’s not an insult. He hated metaphor, but he had this ability to make every word a portal into ideas. I think that is what you’ve captured here. A portal into ideas, with fun memorable language. Nice work!

    • You had me at Ray Bradbury. 🙂 As you & I both know, I couldn’t have taken your mind anywhere it wasn’t interested in traveling – so thank you, thank you, thank you for enjoying going through the moment with me.
      Awesome Bradbury quote: “The best scientist is open to experience and begins with romance – the idea that anything is possible.”

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