I tried unzipping it on several earlier occasions…you know, through the years.

It always seemed stuck though. Wherever I was.


In a funk.

I’m not sure when it got a little too snug for me. Or outdated.

Sometimes I noticed the discomfort. Other times, not so much.

I don’t know. I can’t tell you about all those other times.

I just know that today – only seconds before, in fact – I finally slid right out of it.

I didn’t have any other choice, you see.

It just didn’t feel like it belonged to me anymore.

It felt kind of creepy…foreign…suffocating.

Then it began to crawl…all over. Ewww!

I had to get out – without further delay!

Problem is, now that I’ve done it…

I find myself in even greater need.

If I don’t soon get a replacement, I’m likely to come completely unglued.

Yet –

It’s not all that simple to just go out and choose another one.

You know…my second skin.


Truth is, I’m in a research funk this week – stuck on my quantitative chapter, feeling like I’m re-living it every day. You know, like a Bill Murray Groundhog type of day. I keep doing the tests differently, but the day starts over all the same – getting me nowhere.

Okay, I’m over-dramatizing. But it’s my blog. I’ll whine if I want to. 😉

Trifecta gave me another much-needed break during my lunchtime – to write about my (you guessed it) funk.

That’s the word this week, by its 3rd definition.

Come join us & write yourself in and out of a funk too.

Everyone else, please forgive me. I have to go write some more on this funky dissertation for now…

10 thoughts on “Skinned

  1. A wonderfully clever take on the prompt.

    I enjoyed this read and the theme of shedding our skin adds extra, deeper allegorical layers to your piece.


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