Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY


A world passes by each day,

Never engaging.

There’s no swimming behind the glass –

Except for ideas in her head.

She’s not flashy enough to catch the eye –

But she’s becoming ever brighter.


This was written in response to the Trifextra 101 Challenge: to come up with 33 words to describe the above photo.

After coming off another month of working on (and maybe completing my chapter of quantitative analysis by carrying) dissertation papers and statistics books everywhere I went – strewn atop bleachers, across counter tops, littering my bed…boy, could I ever relate! I meet with my methodologist later this week, so wish me progressive luck! -jody

32 thoughts on “Aquaria-demia

  1. First of all, much good luck in the days ahead. If anyone could do it, you can. 🙂 Secondly, nice piece of writing. I like the idea of the ideas swimming and her growing brighter. Nice work.

    • That means so much coming from you, Tom. Thank you. (Some days those ideas like to sink to the bottom – I’ll bet, I mean – not that I’d know from personal experience or anything like that! hehe)

  2. Oh this is brilliant Jody-“swimming of ideas in her head” and the bitter sweet reality of the world which more often than not,judges you by your looks!

  3. Such a lovely, thoughtful take on her..about how she is making herself brighter..and you know she is.
    I loved your words.

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