Trifecta 109: The Queen of Whatever

Whatever you say…

Whatever you do…

It can’t quite measure up to what I hoity best do

– for –

I am ‘The Queen of Whatever.’


Whoever you are…

Or wish you could be…

Don’t expect you’ll ever be near good as me

– for –

I am ‘The Queen of Whatever.’


What’s that you say?

What’s that I hear?

You think you’re the Who’s-it of What’s-it, my dear?

– You –

Claim you’re ‘The King of More Clever?’


Aim well.

Bloody hell.



Bet you bloody well had trouble guessing this week’s word, right?

Yeah, whatever…


11 thoughts on “Trifecta 109: The Queen of Whatever

  1. Many thanks on your comments & feedback. For what it’s worth, I really was in need of a little creative writing break when I took this one on. (I was working on my 2nd null hypothesis of my quantitative section of my dissertation. You get the idea.) Then I had to get back to, well…you know…whatever…

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