Revisiting an Old Favorite: Yeats


I recast this “old favorite” of a poem on a new background this week.

As much as I love much of Yeats’ work – even going so far as to make it a key centerpiece in At the Water’s Edge – I love none more than the depth of this tenderly romantic, yet heart-breakingly vulnerable, message. To me, true love encompasses and sets itself on a tier of trust that allows the lover to open up on both of these levels. Like revealing the precious contents of one’s lifelong hope chest and seeing their use come to fruition is how I imagine making such a profession when fearfully yet reverently revealing the contents of one’s heart to another.


7 thoughts on “Revisiting an Old Favorite: Yeats

  1. this is one of my best friend’s ( subtitle of her blog, it was part of her wedding vows and when I read it I think of her and smile.

    Tread softly indeed.
    I loved coming over here today and seeing this, you have given me a smile this afternoon.

    XO Jody.

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