Untethered Dreams


A wee lad peeked from the loft overhead,

gaping at the giant beast led by his father’s mere tether,

dreaming of the day he would ride such a creature for the Triple Crown.


The Trifextra weekend challenge was to add 30 words to their 3 prompts for a total of 33. Their words were:




The minute I read the words, the above description was the image that jumped into my mind. One of the reasons children are such a joy is because their dreams are limitless, and life puts up no barriers in their minds. Oh, that we could hold on to that sort of passion in possibility as we grow!

Since I make it a practice not to read anyone else’s entry before I’ve completed mine, I’ll be interested in seeing who else had a similar imagery come to mind.

15 thoughts on “Untethered Dreams

  1. I just want to say thank you all for each of your encouraging remarks (& likes). I’ve enjoyed reading them so much. Please forgive that I can’t answer each one individually this week. I’m up to my elbows in new students trying to become oriented (which is a wonderful thing), family members being strewn across the continent (again, wonderful, but busy), beginning plans for gathering my final data for dissertation (a circus) & starting my own new course for layspeaking this week. Would cherish your thoughts & prayers. Love being sent your way, -j

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