InMON Challenge: Being Raised to Heaven can be a Nasty Affair

AT 18, you’re sure you know exactly what you want from life. Trouble is, by the time you’re 28, that wasn’t it. Then it takes another 10 years or so to, um, well…find a new one.

I stood at that prom, in all my finery and favorite aunt’s costume jewelry, looking around at the ridiculous colored cellophane decorations, strung from one side of the room to the other. Yet it all felt magical, as if someone had thought to raise heaven just a foot or so above us, where I could almost reach blissful eternity.

I was dangling in idyllic delight on the arm of the one who had captured my eye when he walked into our homeroom three years earlier. I was never sure whether he meant to create the gleeful response in my being when he took the seat next to mine, looked me straight in the eye and said ‘hi.’  But then, I was never certain of a lot of things – like when he held my hand two years later and whispered in my ear (things I won’t repeat) whether he was solely thinking of me. He seemed to have a wandering eye that night as one of the popular senior girls strolled by us at the party, and I feel certain she gave him a little wink. He assured me he hadn’t noticed because he only had eyes for me.

By the end of the next year, we had left that prom together, and he had promised me paradise.

Funny how things turn out.

As I stand here today, in this courtroom, trying to escape from paradise once and for all, I feel that I lived the past 20 years trying to breathe under colorless cellophane. I once believed I could raise heaven’s little angels together with him, if nothing else, but even that became more like raising…well, you get the point.

My new costume consists of a brave front and a good dose of ill discontent. Truth is, in the end, I’m the one who had the wandering eye.


inmonsterbadge1Thought I’d do a little word play with the 5 prompts (and the 200-500 word limit) this week, shifting the key words along with the shift in the story.  In case you missed it, the prompts for this creative writing piece of fiction (yes, fiction!) were:







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