Lessons at the Dinner Table Challenge: PERCEPTION

Welcome to the first week of the Lesson at the Dinner Table Challenge.

It all began on November 11, 2012 with a post entitled,

  Lessons at the Dinner Table: Perception (link here or on the photo)

which described some reflections I had while breaking bread at an Italian restaurant with my teenage son.

For purposes I’ll define as “fairness in editing,” I asked him to read it prior to my final live submission (since it was, after all, about him). Not only did I get his blessing to Publish, but he liked the idea behind my title so well, he wanted to make it a Series. A couple of more minutes of brainstorming caused us to determine that it needed to become a Blogging Community Series, if others were interested in becoming involved.

So here are the details of how to submit your own Dinner Table Lesson, as inspired by that first historic post.


My son read the first (and at the time, I thought the only) “Lessons at the Dinner Table” post moments before I submitted it. He liked it so well, he had the following suggestions for me:

First, he thought I should give it a Category of its own, entitled after the post itself – “Lessons at the Dinner Table” – because he thought there were a lot of good lessons that came (or should come) from encouraging family interaction and conversation (despite what the evil teen hormonal voices sometimes try to say).

Secondly, we agreed that others should have the opportunity to contribute by linking up since you, too, probably have some great words of wisdom that have cropped up when breaking bread with others at one time or another. (Breaking bread is always a communal event, after all – or it should be.)

In the blogging community, it seems that Theme Challenges serve as the best approach to get this kind of community participation.
So I’m honoring my son’s creative idea by putting out a Tuesday challenge every other week entitled: “Lessons at the Dinner Table: Theme Title“. (I decided to begin every other week, rather than weekly, as I know I can’t force these things unnaturally; nor can you).

If you’d like to contribute, first blog about it with a “Lesson at the Dinner Table” title. Feel free to make it a true or creative story and we’d love to see a photo to go with it (though it’s not required – OR maybe photographers can just include a photo to represent the theme). I feel certain that you already get that this is a family-oriented theme, so enough said about that. 🙂  (For further clarification, this blog’s intent is to celebrate the gift of our triumphant human spirits – whether by humor, inspiration or insight.)

In honor of the first-ever post, let’s keep the theme for this first week:


You may choose to share your creative works here either through a ping back to the themed post or by adding your link in that post’s Comments section. You might also want to add “Lessons at the Dinner Table” in your search terms, so others may easily find posts of similarity.


Community, Simplicity, Harmony & Generosity,



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