“Gee Up” – A Gaelic Tàlaidhean (Lullaby)

Our Trifecta writing community was challenged this week as follows:

This weekend, we’re enlisting your help in shortening our considerably lengthy bedtime routines by giving us a children’s bedtime story in exactly 33 words.  It can be an old favorite reimagined or a work that is entirely your own. – See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.dNHVJWyL.dpuf

My mind was immediately drawn to the Gaelic tradition of lullabies, in which every subject from one’s future hopes and dreams to parental warnings about lurking dangers (such as mischievous faeries) was addressed. I chose my approach on a subject that seems to delight many children (and adults alike) – the special bonded relationship between a horse and its rider; and I’ve given it the Gaelic title of what one traditionally requests of his or her steed when being privileged enough to ride together. May it insight exciting, adventuresome dreams!

“Gee Up” – A Gaelic Tàlaidhean (Lullaby)

Since auld lang syne –

Man nor beast ruled nither one nor other.

Horse ordained Man his two-legged bráthair.

Valleys they romped o’er and sowed anew,

Warred mightily; rested peacefully.

Anois, so must you.

© 2013 jody love


As this lullaby comes to a close, I have one final thought to leave on your restful mind.

The beauty of the lullaby is (just as it says) that it lulls someone to the by. Just as with the horse and rider on an adventure, bedtime becomes a bonding time between parent and child, a time in which the child looks forward to hearing a new story, a  favorite familiar song, or just a time to draw near and snuggle together without the day’s interruptions.

In this, it becomes a ritual, one which the child cherishes well beyond the years of direct receipt. For the time at hand, it provides additional rich meaning to this Gaelic saying:

Cha chòir an t-each glan a chur uige.
The willing horse should not be spurred.

12 thoughts on ““Gee Up” – A Gaelic Tàlaidhean (Lullaby)

  1. My! My! I am stunned by how incredibly brilliant this lullaby is! It reads as something written hundreds of years ago by the Master poets! To my eyes and mind, this might be your best work that I have ever read!

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