A Cut & Paste Life

My life is like one gigantic disaster of a manuscript, full of honest mistakes and typos, never letting me get around to conveying what I really meant to do or say.  I view others’ life manuscripts as masterpieces in progress, but I’ve always underestimated my personal capability to come up with a suitable ending for my own. Oh, I’ve had plenty of conflict to fill in the pages, almost even a climactic moment or two – but never any resolution. I’ve tried to cut and paste from others’ lives, hoping I could come up with something…something…meaningful? Yeah, maybe meaningful. Envious would be better. I’m still just the man with no name, though, like I was trained from birth to have a dull and uneventful life. Okay, not uneventful – just full of events either not worth remembering or that I sure don’t want to be remembered by.

But people who are remembered get memorials. That usually means they’re dead. How meaningful is dead? Who wants to be remembered as…dead? That’s the advantage to a dull and uneventful life. If you’re living it, guess what? You’re alive. Less conflict equals less dead. Maybe I had some pretty good birth training, after all. I think I’ve underestimated my ability to create a good ending to my story – one in which everybody else should be envious. I just won’t become dead. Now there’s a masterpiece ending.



This story is brought to you by the prompts from Inspiration Monday at BeKindRewrite.

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13 thoughts on “A Cut & Paste Life

  1. Haha, I like him; both his voice and his attitude. I can picture him, immortal but mundane, walking through the centuries, having figured it all out…or perhaps not? It’s thought-provoking, too! Nice.

  2. I really enjoyed what you have crafted here. “…full of honest mistakes and typos..”
    That is a brilliant line and I believe defines life very well. I’m glad you posted this. It is a contemplative piece to me.


    • Thanks so much, Christopher. My apologies to the entire community that I put up that piece & then got bogged down with research, without time to give the same written contemplation to each of your brilliant pieces of work. (And yours was.) Please count it full of my own honest mistakes & life typos. 😉

  3. Reminds me of Christian Slater’s character from Pump Up the Volume. Snarky, smart, with a chip on his shoulder

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