A Clear Diagnosis

As the water drained,

I gave thoughtful diagnosis to the resultant ring encircling my exited sanctuary.

Stage IV was metastastic. Would’ve required comprehensive treatment. Thorough cleaning.

But Stage III?

…Clearly someone else’s problem.


Trifecta threw some words our way this weekend – 3, to be exact – then asked us to add our own 30 to them for a little community fun!

The words we were given to work with?

ring                     water                       stage

I had a couple of responses up my sleeve, so if you couldn’t relate to my light-hearted bathtub ring malignant metaphor above, here’s one that may really have a resonating ring to it:


We were once free, unrestrained.

Captivity taught us to perform on stage.

Daily, we enter that ring.

Occasionally, we get water boarded by others’ disapproval.

Release into the wild now?

Street urchins’ fates.


Would surely like to know which one you liked the best.

And if neither of them did anything for you, then challenge yourself to go play with those 3 words + your own added 30 & come join us for the Trifextra weekend challenge (link on the Trifecta image above)! 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Clear Diagnosis

  1. while the first one had me giggling, the second was my favorite (and it touched something bruised inside me)
    you always use such GOOD words to bring a feeling to the surface.


      • oh I don’t know if I deserved it, there were MANY (MANY) others that spoke to me this weekend, but I am grateful to Trifecta for helping me write better, (and to YOU for challenging the Way I write since you are so incredible with words)


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