Each day I undertake, I am haunted

by some decision, indiscretion or regret.

Though the greatest affliction I may truly ever suffer

would be the one which I would choose but to forget.

© jody love

Sudanese child and vulture

This image, taken by photographer Kevin Carter (now deceased) of a starving Sudanese child and a patiently waiting vulture, caught the eye of our Conference Bishop several years ago – and broke his heart. Since that time, our church conference has been involved in supplying vast needs (though never enough) while helping to build churches, schools, orphanages, assisting in crop production, water supplied through good wells, and stocked ponds, fighting malaria and other diseases, and building relationships. Some things in this world need to haunt us until we can’t help but respond.


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27 thoughts on “Haunted…

  1. OH Jody, so much here that is tugging on my heart and filling my eyes. But the language is so beautiful, so moving that I can’t help but wonder, ponder, wish for something.

    We must respond, just like I needed to write this comment. That picture will haunt me now as well.

    • your words are always so heartfelt, Kir – thank you for taking so much time not only to ponder the importance of this message, but to share your feelings in it. You are a precious person.

      • I disagree, YOU are the precious person for bringing us words like this, for showing us what we are missing.

        How could I not respond to those words (even without the picture?) and tell you that it touched me in so many places that long to DO MORE, always.


  2. This is moving and beautifully written. I had the sense I was reading a quotation that had been handed down for the ages. This is a real serious piece of writing.

  3. The photographer of this image committed suicide because of his guilt over this image, his guilt in taking the image and not doing anything to help the child afterwards and not taking the child to a nearby refugee camp/place where they could get help. Can’t remember where I read that, its something I read long ago. This is a very famous image which I think won the author a (posthumous?) Pulitzer Prize…Haunting…

  4. My goodness what a powerful piece to highlight a powerful photo. Scriptor’s history of the photo is compelling. You are absolutely right – some things need to haunt us until we respond. Well said.

  5. Being haunted by such as this is truly necessary for making the world a better place. Our church has, in much the same way, taken on sponsoring an orphanage in Haiti. And you are right, no matter how much we do, there is always more that could be done. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Very powerful. His picture is one reason I don’t take photos on my trips. While there is much beauty, there is too much that haunts. I have enough etched in my head that I don’t need the pics. … Not real great when I scramble for a photo for my blog, tho…

  7. The picture is so moving …but I hate it ..because it is real and not fictitious … I worked for a humanitarian organization for many years and I was all too familiar with these images….Diane

  8. Your words are profound and they touched my heart. Then I scrolled down to see the picture, and the words became new and took on a different meaning. So well done.

  9. It’s easy to get discouraged in this world. The need is so vast that at times it seems unfix-able. But like little drops of water that come together to create an ocean, this post is a stark and haunting and poignant reminder to each of of us that whatever we do, we can help to make a difference-if only we will choose to do it. My emotions over this piece are vast as well. If only that child could have been saved. I hope so:)

  10. This piece, as a whole, ‘haunted’ me all day yesterday. The mental picture it provided caused a singe to my soul and I was moved. So heart-wrenching and grim. Very DEEP ! My top 3 fav’s

  11. There are so many ways to be haunted… I think the worst is when we haunt ourselves. Brutal post, Jody!

  12. Thanks to each of you for your thoughtful responses while taking the time to internally struggle with this issue. After the first few comments, I chose to remain silent and allow you each the courtesy of personal processing. Grace & peace, -jody

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