Travel Theme: Riding Out the Ripple Effect

When we were in Amsterdam, it would have been highly improbable to have overlooked the abundance of weather vanes atop buildings. It would’ve been absolutely impossible for the abundance of bicycles to have gone unnoticed.

Living in a place where I often feel I’m the target of deranged drivers when trying to share the road while cycling, this was fascinating to me. Not only are bikes chained up one to another along the roads, but there’s an entire garage – just for bicycles!

As awesome as this is, I can’t help but wonder when this RIPPLE EFFECT began…

Thought I’d share a couple of Amsterdam pics that show both the water’s rippling effect, along with the bicycle crowding effect.

DSC_0026 (2) DSC_0047 (2)

This post is in response to Ailsa’s Wheresmybackpack travel photo challenge on RIPPLES.

Why don’t you follow the link above & post one too? Then I’ll feel like I was part of this ripple effect! 🙂


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