Proper Enemy Poisoning Procedure

  1. Poison your own mind against your target. Won’t achieve your goal.
  2. Poison others against your mark. Eventually fails too.
  3. Not until poisoning the person against himself will you succeed. Third time’s the charm.


Trifecta has offered the follow Trifextra weekend challenge:  This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the idiom, third time’s the charm. – See more at:

Turn my little three-step procedure around and think on how many times you’ve allowed someone to use this recipe of disaster on you successfully, and how many times you’ve willingly swallowed the poison and let it process in your soul.

This recipe is exactly why we’re encouraged to guard our minds and our hearts, to take our thoughts and motivations captive.

I hope in providing you with this modus operandi, you are able to see beyond it to my true wish for you, my friend – that you will learn to use the antidote – to speak positives over your lives and over the lives of others.


29 thoughts on “Proper Enemy Poisoning Procedure

  1. THIS!! this is fantastic and such great advice…to not blame yourself for the way others behave…but to let Karma take care of them. Because, eventually, it will…

    Loved it Jody!

    • but, Kir, I thought Karma was a bit….a bit fickle – that’s what I was gonna’ say 😉
      Hey, congrats on taking the gold this week!!!! I like being friends with winners! hehe 😉

  2. kept thinking of our education system and dysfunctional families – sometimes the poison just gets passed on too …

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