Summer Break

Just returned from a conference/vacation this week (which is the sneaky way for us workaholics to fake vacating around work – we’re still trying to figure out how to do it the other way around…just kidding!). When I decided to become a teacher, I realize now my greatest mistake. (I shouldn’t have designed a 12-month program!) In truth, I managed to work in some biking, some hiking, some rafting and a 5k for Imagine No Malaria – so my serotonin has no room to complain. And will you look at this view?!

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

Trifecta has offered me a cathartic way to smile about what lies ahead beyond this past week’s break in the Trifextra Weekend challenge, where we were asked to write about SUMMER (in 33 words).


Students graduate.

Families vacate.

Kids go to camp.

Housewives go poolside vamp.

Sandied carpets, beached toes.

Ballparks, concerts – every fan goes.

Geese multiply,

refuse North to fly.



Still working ’til I die.


27 thoughts on “Summer Break

    • I had a family full of “pre-college” teachers (most who were also coaches), so I know that’s so true, Ann. I really don’t see how our “9 month” faculty ever even make it out of here after their students graduate.

  1. Ha! I’m so happy I work from home now and don’t have to gaze wistfully out the window at the beautiful summer days passing me by. We need shorter work weeks and more vacations like the rest of the world!!!!

  2. Quite the view in that photo! As far as 12-month programmes go, I have always believed that year-round schooling is the best way to go. So, I guess what I am saying is…….while I am having breakfast on a patio in the sunshine at ten in the morning this summer, secretly, deep down inside, I will be envious of you as you work it, work it, work it, the whole year round. Really. Truly. Honestly. 🙂

    • I think I was 15 when I had my last summer “off.” I’ve been working & in school since, Joe. I would say that I’d wish for another, but at this point in my life, that would mean I’d be unemployed, I guess – so I’m going to be careful what I wish for! ha!

  3. poolside vamp – such a great description. Do try to take some time to just BE this summer – we workaholics sometimes feel like truants when we do . . . but it is so needed.

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