Floral Friday Fotos

As I walked out my front door this morning, I was inspired by all the bright blooms surrounding me – so I thought I’d snap a couple of photos and share my views with you. 🙂  Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Milling around the Mailbox

As my daffodils depleted, my daylilies were ready to steal the show (along with my ground covering of petunias). The calla lilies & lantana are preparing to finalize the festival as summer continues to progress.


hive basket

This hive basket & heart shaped plant hanger highlight the sunshiny floral mix that greets front porch visitors.


The very best part is that I’ve found a new site to share my end-of-the-week photos & to enjoy so many more from photographers much more versed than myself:


Follow the link by left-clicking on the logo.


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