Trifextra for the weekend: A pair of fairy-tale endings

       The nerve!

His words made a loop through my mind:

Honey, we’ve been stuck in this paradigm too long,
budding dreams buried underneath mounding reality.”

Fantasy’s relationship potential began to topple to truth.

Fast forwarding to the next scene…

You’ve too much nerve for an ill-paid, two-bit reporter.

Honey, watch your princess paradigm topple underneath that veiled façade encasing you.

Viewing the news footage, my brain replayed our final conversation in loop.


This weekend’s Trifecta challenge:

This weekend we are asking for exactly 33 words, 30 of your own and three of the following:

topple     paradigm     underneath    

nerve     honey     loop

Okay. Why not have it all in the numbers’ game?  I’ll see your 3 words & up you the other 3…plus the additional 27. Twice. (Which technically disqualifies me…so feel free to either pick from the pair or eject me, altogether, from the game. I always wanted to be the bad guy in one of those cheap-shot Westerns. “Give me a shot…of water…with a lemon…in a dirty glass. Um, or a clean one would do just fine, thank you.”)

In this numbers’ game, we had 6 words; I rolled out 66 with them – working towards achievement of the beastly 6-6-6, which is the Trifecta of “man’s numbers,” thus denotes that it never holds anything good for humankind. Sounds like it’s time to fold ’em.)

Alas! Tragically, as the photo and the set of stories depict, neither we nor princesses, unfortunately, can always have it all – including the ever-elusive happily ever after.



I recall seeing this photo several years ago, but it’s now so prevalent on the Internet, it’s difficult to obtain an original credit (as no one seems to provide it). I linked to the following URL in obtaining this image:

And truth in editing and such, I’ll not go so far as crediting Prince Charles with ever having the nerve to affectionately call Diana ‘honey’ either. (And maybe she was actually saying, ‘The Nerd!’ at the beginning. It’s sometimes difficult to get close enough to The Royals to be certain of what they truly mean.)


13 thoughts on “Trifextra for the weekend: A pair of fairy-tale endings

  1. Ouch, ouch. Watching love fall apart is almost as bad as feeling it.
    I often hope Diana is somewhere, smiling, wrapped in a pair of arms that love her, somewhere.

    • I hope so too, Kir. It has to be difficult to go from being praised & scrutinized on an hourly basis for every movement made. I hope my underlying thoughts were viewed as pity & compassion & not more scrutiny, even if the tone seemed harsh on the surface. My ultimate point, of course, was being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, most especially for those who achieve the dream. Not sure why we set little girls up for such disappointment in life? Belle’s still my favorite princess, btw. 😉

      • I truly LIKE you Jody. Yes, you have said what my heart was thinking about this. Finding a prince is as hard as becoming a princess I think. I always thought she deserved better, even if he was the butler or owned a pub in London. Her heart was enormous and GOOD, she deserved a heart and an affection that mirrored it.

        my favorite princess…hmmm. Well I love Belle too, because she saw past the Beast, she swallowed her own fear and chose to see the good in him. I like to think that I too, do that every day. I work to see the good in people, I yearn to find the heart inside.

        I really like discussing things with you, Jody.

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