Adding a Little Sweetness to Life


Just a little note to my blogging friends to say how very much I admire your work, as well as your thoughtful comments.

Please excuse any perceived absences in my own comments or visits as of late, as I’m currently re-mixing a batch of research methodology – and it’s taking quite a bit of taste-testing (as it’s still a little sour on my brain!).


Beyond that, it looks as if my son’s baseball team is headed to the State! (whoop whoop! But what a busy time that is!)

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll keep periodically stopping by the lemonade stand for a swig or two. 🙂

xo – j


4 thoughts on “Adding a Little Sweetness to Life

    • Thank you, Thomas – or should I say Tigger?! (I love using Tigger words! Splendiferousness is one of the most excelawesomeful of them all!) 🙂 Please don’t forget me! 🙂

    • see? I need committee members like you, Joe. that’s all I really want to hear at this point. “You’re a marvel, Jody. We don’t think you need to go back and rewrite Chapter 3.” 😀 (which do you hear the loudest – the laughter or the crying?! haha) thanks for the encouragement, Joe!

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