From Cuddly Coat Closets to Public Cubbies


“Sheesh. That was the ickiest, gooiest, yuckiest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Yeah, me too. Ya’ wanna’ try it again tomorrow?”

“I guess. Grab our coats before Ms. Stuffy catches us in here.”


Whew! Fancy a guess at what this weekend’s Trifextra challenge wanted drizzled into our 33 word count? The buzz word was:

ONOMATOPOEIA. Easy for you to say! (In this case, not the word, itself – but at least one of its kind).

The word oozes from your lips, making it fun to chant; but to jar your memory, it means a word or phrase that imitates the sound when spoken aloud.

For instance, if you didn’t like Yoko Ono’s voice, her last name might become an onomatopoeia for you.

In short, its inclusion makes writing more fun and active for the reader, who can “hear” parts of the story.

And for the record, yes, I can still hear that smooch from many years ago. 😉


38 thoughts on “From Cuddly Coat Closets to Public Cubbies

  1. Yep, there it is…MY MOST Favorite this weekend.
    “Wanna try again tomorrow???”

    oh I loved this…even while I wonder (worry?) about my sons telling me about their first Smooches (don’t you just love that word?) in a year or so. 😉

    HAPPY Friday, Jody. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Oh, Kir. Wait til those two cuties have cell phones! You are going to have your hands full! lol Hope your weekend is filled with only the best onomatopoeia phrases, such as Happy Mom’s Day! (mom is surely an onomatopoeia with significant aural meaning every time you hear, “Hey Mom…”

  2. Remember when it was innocent and exhilarating to be so spontaneous? Long time ago…This cracked me up especially accompanied by the picture.

    • Thanks Suzanne – and what a wonderful review we were able to access on your site! 🙂 (In truth, though, I just have more fun blurting that word as fast as I can, as many times as I can! Wanna’ try again?! ha!)

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