WHERE in the World is WARLA? I mean, MARLA?!

TRUE CONFESSIONS: I’ve been cheating on my blog site today (but let’s try to keep that little indiscretion between us, okay)? Instead of fulfilling my commitment here, I’ve been out flirting and frolicking around with another blog site – honored to be a guest blogger for the e-Mazing Marla. If you’re interested, you can check out my naughtier side here: http://www.travelingmarla.com . And even if you’re not interested, I would suggest checking out Marla’s fun-filled blog when she gets settled in to her new abode in South Africa! Whirled peas, -jody

MarLa Sink Druzgal

Our ever engaging and entertaining friend, Marla, has gone MIA!! (Well, some of us may know where she is. I’m not saying for sure that we do; I’m not saying we don’t. But if we did, we might not be telling…. Okay, if you insist. She’s moving to South Africa.) Meanwhile, she wasn’t using this blog site, so we thought, ‘What the heck? It’s empty.’ And we moved in.

Actually, Marla invited me over for the day. She even asked me to be your hostess with the most-est. That got me to thinking (yeah, I do that occasionally)…I’ll bet you’re already missing her! Yep, me too. So I thought we’d play a game. (Okay, maybe Marla gave me the prompt. I’m not saying she did…I’m not saying she didn’t.)

I just figured, if I was Marla and this happened to be my blog, how would…

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