What’s Your Blood Type? Mine apparently is O-Teaching-Positive!

I lost my parents very early in life. If that wasn’t already going to be a potential educational setback, I found myself pregnant at the wise age of 17 (when you don’t necessarily worry about an education because you already know everything). I don’t really want to revisit the negative aspects surrounding the particular night of how that happened. Besides, it really doesn’t matter anymore. I moved on from there and have never once regretted being a mom. I see each one of my children as a blessing from heaven; they’ve made me a better person all the way around. But I had to support us.

I graduated high school early and had to choose a career path quickly because I’d just been inducted into the adult world. The experience wasn’t as wonderfully freeing as I’d once envisioned. I was able to get an associate’s degree while working part-time and was blessed to obtain a piecemeal education throughout my early career years, eventually adding on a bachelor’s degree. Funny how, just when you believe you’ve gotten your life on course, fate chooses a different path for you to travel. Out of the blue, I was asked to begin a health career program and to teach within it. Along came my master’s degree, truthfully in a field I had never set out to master. Needless to say, I didn’t feel worthy, didn’t feel prepared.

I don’t know why, but I found myself expressing those doubts one evening at church, while explaining my career shift to those listening: “I never imagined myself being a teacher.”

That was the moment when everything connected for me, as my pastor’s wife, a teacher herself, matter-of-factly proclaimed, “Why, I don’t know how you could have expected to be anything else. Your father was a teacher. Your mother was a teacher. Your aunt and uncle were teachers. You even had a sister who was a teacher. How could you not have become a teacher? Dear, teaching is in your blood.”

One of my students working on dissecting a pig's heart. (Told you teaching was in the blood - groan, I know.)

One of my students working on dissecting a pig’s heart. (Told you teaching was in the blood – groan, I know.)  See important disclaimers below.


Trifecta has a bit of an eerie air in preference, so it comes as no surprise that this week’s writing word challenge would be BLOOD.

However, check your rear view mirror carefully. Not because anything creepy is sneaking up behind you (or maybe it is!), but because the third definition is creepily sneaky. This week’s third choice in definition is:

BLOOD (noun)

3 a : lifeblood; broadly : life

As always during the weekly challenge, 33-333 word count. Mine came in at 333 this week. See what I mean about eerily creepy? (Cue the Thriller music & the Vincent Price voice here.)

Disclaimer: No pigs were hurt in the writing of this blog. Well, except for the one being dissected. But that was going to take place anyway.

Next Disclaimer: No responsibility can be taken for any emotional damage incurred by this pig’s close family members viewing this blog site. Pigs are not allowed on this Web site. No, it was not Wilbur; so E.B. White cannot make any claims either.


29 thoughts on “What’s Your Blood Type? Mine apparently is O-Teaching-Positive!

  1. Ew, dissection made me so queasy in high school and college.
    I think teaching was your destiny. Isn’t it funny how others can see our fate so clearly, but we’re clueless and surprised when we end up where we are?

  2. What a wonderful inspirational story. How you got your Associates and then your BA and then your Masters! And after having a baby at 17! Wow! My parents and grandparents were all teachers too. I didn’t become a teacher though. I guess I never thought of myself as a teacher either. Anyway, wonderful story and that pictures is priceless!! LOL!! 😀

  3. Wow, inspiring, Jody. As I’m sure you are with your students everyday. What a story, very well told too. And I just read your write-up of Suzanne. I loved it. Well done every which way!

    • thanks for all the blog-love, Steph (it came JIT – just-in-time, as I’m having quite the time reworking some research that has me more than a little perplexed) 🙂

  4. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you, too, Jody! 🙂 Is Trifecta our virtual staffroom? Whatever the case, I am glad that “fate” brought you into the lives of your students. However, there is irony in the fact that you come from a family of teachers and have gone into medicine. I come from a family of health care practitioners of one sort or another and am the only one to have become a teacher. In either case, we were cut from the same cloth in families that worked in the service of others. I am very pleased that “fate” has brought you into the virtual staffroom and, by extension, into my life. I always feel better having read your words and chatted via our comments. Your students are so lucky to know you, Jody, as are all of us here at Trifecta. 🙂

  5. Amazing story! It’s true though, I think we never really understand the path when we’re on it, but when we reach the destination it suddenly seems like we knew we were bound there all along. I liked this one a lot

  6. You have my appreciation as well! I’m so grateful for the stellar teachers my own daughter has had! You guys really do make such a huge difference in the lives of the kids you teach.

    Now is it just me, or does it seem like there are a lot of heartless pigs out there? 😉

  7. Love this piece Jody! It’s always great to learn more about you. So at what age do we stop knowing everything? (I have an annoying 16 year old I’m holding out hope for!)
    And Happy Teacher Appreciation week! You guys do such an important job.

    • lol. 17-1/2 (for me) – and I’ve been in decline-realization every year since! I’m hoping your 16 yr old doesn’t have to gain wisdom via the same route! Ignorance is bliss, after all. ahhhhhh 😉 Thanks, Suzanne, for the teacher-love!

  8. Ah,another teacher!No wonder you touch all of us here with your love & amazing words Jody:-)My mother was a teacher too & though I did teach(still home tutor some)for a few years & may be going back to it in another couple of months,.I don’t know if I am meant to teach-I think its my destiny to just flit around & have fun,lol!But,you ,Jody,definitely are an inspiration,God Bless:-)

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