SuperMom: The Next Generation


Trifecta’s at it again with another Trifextra Weekend Challenge:

This weekend we’re having some fun with the prompt, some super-powered fun, that is. We’re asking you to write the origin story to the superhero of your choice in exactly 33 words.

I’m not expecting my Superheroine to be original, by any means — but, boy, can I surely relate to the demands placed upon her better than any other! I hear she’s booking a vacation to another Universe this weekend! Happy travels, Super Mom!

Here are a few more SuperTrifectaPowers you might want to tap into:

This weekend’s challenge is community judged.
  • For the 14 hours following the close of the challenge, voting will be enabled on links.
  • In order to vote, return to this post where stars will appear next to each link.  To vote, simply click the star that corresponds with your favorite post.
  • You can vote for your top three favorite posts.
  • Voting is open to everyone. Encourage your friends to vote for you, if you wish, but please don’t tell them to vote on a number.  The numbering of the posts changes regularly, as authors have the ability to delete their own links at any time.
  • You have 14 hours to vote.  It’s not much time, so be diligent! We’ll send out reminders on Twitter and Facebook.
Also, I’d like to credit these sites with their superhero skillz (with a “z”):
 Supermom logo:
 Supermom caricature:

37 thoughts on “SuperMom: The Next Generation

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      • Please tell me you didn’t kill the rabbit! I liked it injected in there. It impregnated your point. I’m finished being a punny bunny now, which is worse than being rhymy (rhymy actually makes me grin)…but I want absolutely NO responsibility for the death of a rabbit. Really…whew, (Seriously, when I remarked on it, I actually did so because I thought it was brilliant that you had thought of it.)

    • Thanks, Lumdog. I’ll bet laughing in the face of adversity has got to be one of her best defense mechanisms. (Of course, she might not have to take so many bullets if she’d just wear the stupid bracelets her friend, W-squared gave her.)

    • btw, I’ve been trying to leave a comment on yours since yesterday, but get an error message each time that my credentials aren’t recognized (yours isn’t the only one doing this). So here’s something to the effect of what I was trying to say about your Divorce Lawyer Superhero: she’s probably the best paid super-villain…I mean, hero…around

    • Pretty much, yup. That seems to be one of the great dilemmas posted across billboards, magazines, blog sites for post-baby consideration these days; but regardless of that choice, we figured out silicone injections were never a great idea (not often given too much thought in her mom’s generation for the regular gal in post-birth anyway). I think we women sometimes let ourselves be pushed too far & sold too light on our body image, along with a plethora of other societal demands/expectations. Glad you enjoyed it, Ann, and hope I didn’t spoil the humor effect.

  2. I am never one to shy away from a good breast but then, you had to go and make it my Mom’s and, it just all seemed so terribly wrong to have been excited. I join you in our salute to Moms. They are the foundation of all that is good in our world. They are the true superheroes in life. 🙂

    • Thanks for the grin, Tom. I’m not going to spend too much time feeling guilty, as I feel confident you’ll recover quickly from this dual-tatted setback. Raise a glass to the moms!

  3. Ha ha! That sounds perfect. I’m sure we could all add on a thousand other super hero skills the mom has. The ability to make the perfect grilled cheese. . .

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