The Nature of Things

Nature of Things

NaPoWriMo is rapidly coming to an end, along with a very cold, wet and busy April. I managed to fulfill my commitment of posting at least one poem each day during this past month (even if that meant double posting or being creatively silly on some days); so I don’t want to be this close to the end and not finish it out. With another self-imposed dissertation proposal deadline coming up on me by week’s end, I decided to take the ‘route already traveled’ today and post an ACP (already created poem).

This creation came about as a “snippet” of a scene I was chewing around in my brain (yes, my brain gets chewed on, often for months, before its contents ever have any chance to be regurgitated onto paper) for my novel-in-progress currently titled Magnolia Falls (though its original brief folder title still remains in my files as ‘Viral’).
Not long after sitting out on my deck one evening this past fall, admiring the beauty of a full moon, I was invited to submit a poem in the Nature category by World Poetry Movement. This one was my immediate choice. I hope you enjoy it too.

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Things

  1. And it’s lovely, Jody. I prefer writing nature poetry above all other varieties. There are so many angles, so many subjects, and moods to capture. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    And I’ll definitely be back to see what else I might find on this interesting site. Have a terrific week.

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