Just a Fessed-Up Mess

Her mom described Bess
being a well-behaved mess –
blessing in disguise.

But how did she bless?
Anyone’s wild-goose-chase guess.
Make one? Ill-advised.

Better not to mess
with mother’s rose-colored best
spying child-like lies.

© 2013 jody love                                             


I have a little more going on here than what might first meet the eye.

  1. April is NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), in which I’ve challenged myself to publish 1 poem per day on my blog site in its honor. There are a trio of haiku above, for those of you less familiar with making immediate recognition. (I did these in the more traditional format of 5-7-5 syllabic stanzas.)
  2. Haiku do not traditionally have rhyming segments, but as NaPoWriMo comes to an end, I really just wanted to throw it all out there and doubly challenge myself. (Technically, in making this a “story” of sorts, I’ve broken from traditional haiku format, anyway, through the use of capitalization, punctuation, and such…)
  3. Now, it just so happens that the weekend came along and the Trifecta writing community (who has somewhat learned to tolerate me) came up with a new Trifextra challenge: “Your challenge this weekend is to give us 33 words about anything you want.  Your piece must include at least one hyphenated compound modifier.”
  4. Sensibly, if I wanted to balance my haiku beyond its syllables, it became my goal to balance my word count within each haiku to 11 words each. (Believe me when I say this is a little easier said than done, but compound modifiers are greatly accommodating here!)
  5. I’ve also come to highly admire Kristjaan (Chevrefeuille) at Carpe Diem, along with a wonderful writing community of haikuists (this is my own made-up term possibly) there who were my inspiration in trying this format to meet this multi-level challenge. Today’s Carpe Diem challenge was “Awakening,” which I consider may be the greatest challenge of all for a parent or a child to become aware of seeing the other as a fallible human being.

So, with that much-compounded explanation, all that’s left to say is…Ta-da! Let me know how you think I did in attempting to meet my challenges, whether self- or other-imposed.

23 thoughts on “Just a Fessed-Up Mess

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  2. Haiku writers are called haijin, I think, if I remember correctly. I think that’s the Japanese word for haiku writers. I think its really cool that you challenged yourself so much with all the rhyming and everything, not everyone could do that. And haiku too.

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