Friday Fictioneers

Image Copyright-Claire Fulller

Nigel never read that strange mess of books.
He merely wanted them rearranged.
In truth, he rather liked all the queer looks
from others who thought him quite deranged.
He’d precariously ascend that wooden ladder
then plummet from tip top to floor;
until forced to go attend to his frantic bladder,
before he’d come back to engage them some more.
He’d visit his library daily,
sometimes pulling books off from each shelf.
Then go inform the head nurse, Mrs. Bailey
he had urgent need to relieve himself.
Nurse Bailey long ago had decided
it was far easier for her to clean
Nigel’s mess of books, rather ill-resided
than whatever else his excursion might glean.

© 2013 jody love


For Friday Fictioneers: I’m hopeful that I didn’t make an utter “mess” of this week’s poetic story!

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