HAPPY WORLD MALARIA DAY!!! How do YOU intend to celebrate?

Imagine No Malaria…

I think that’s what I’ll do today. No, wait. Maybe just imagining isn’t quite practical enough…but it’s a great start!

The imaginative power of flying

The imaginative power of flying

Imagination. We too often forget its power.

That envisioning power that moves us to act.

When I was younger…

I imagined being a teacher.

I imagined falling in love.

I imagined becoming an explorer.

And I’ve gotten to experience each of these wonderful things – sometimes more than once!

But I also imagined contributing something great to society. Something worthwhile. Have you ever imagined that too? But what?

Well, I happen to know a couple of guys who imagine they can ride their bikes nearly 200 miles (to our church’s Annual Conference in June). They’ve made it their goal to save at least 300 lives from the sponsorship in pledges they hope to gain from supporters who imagine they can do it too!


T_BYou see, these fellas’ have traveled to South Sudan, and they’ve fallen in love with their brothers and sisters there – and they want to make their friends’ lives better there by breaking the cycle (the tragic morbidity and mortality rates) that malaria has held over these people. Do you realize that Malaria affects 4-5 million people per year with about 1 million losing the battle? In fact, the disease is so prevalent in Africa, among other underdeveloped countries in our world, that Malaria claims 1 life every 60 seconds.

The good news is that it is 100% preventable, treatable and beatable. 

seeking shelter in the shadeThe very sad news is that many lives lost are those of children. And even if not lost, once malaria is contracted, it’s a lifelong disease.

Those two guys I told you about?  Well, they’re riding for very personal reasons – for people they know. One of those little people, for instance, is Sarah, one of the daughters of the pastor in a small South Sudanese village.

Sarah’s a bright eyed 9 year old little girl with a beautiful smile (who gets a little more serious when a camera’s around). 🙂  Sarah has contracted malaria.  When she did, her family worried that she would lose the battle and prayed for God’s help. Fortunately, Sarah was one of the lucky ones and was able to get medicine and treatment to fight off the worst of the disease; however, she will have to deal with malaria and the side effects for the rest of her life.  That means approximately 4-5 times per year, she will relapse and experience severe flu-like symptoms.

I rejoice that Sarah received treatment. It makes me sad that eradication would’ve prevented her from what she’ll continue to endure from this disease – especially when I know that enough people giving just $10 each does have the ability to put an end to it altogether.

We’ve made worldwide efforts for several decades, and the greatest problem is that, if we don’t continue battling this issue, many of those efforts will be lost and many of these countries and people will be back to square one.

Imagine…just $10.00. It can buy mosquito netting or fund spraying that is necessary to prevent Malaria. Imagine…the most vulnerable Malaria victims – children under the age of 5 – who will have the opportunity to live full lives – thanks to your caring & generosity.

In essence, I have the ability to SAVE A LIFE for $10.00



Imagine that…

And the best part is that large administrative costs don’t get scraped off the top. (Yeah, I watch for things like that with charitable organizations that can turn out to be most charitable to themselves. But not on this one.)

Could I really live with myself knowing that I could have fore-gone some expendable $10.00 item for myself – even 1 meal if I had to – to SAVE A(n un-expendable) LIFE?

This money doesn’t go through me and definitely doesn’t come to me. Heck, I won’t even get “credit” for it if you decide you want to give this gift. Unless you tell me about it, I’ll never even know if I made one ounce of difference when you read this (or even if you made it this far). I won’t even know which lives were saved.

But, you can be assured…


I’m going to imagine it!

Clicking on this link will take you to a place where you can SAVE A LIFE:



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