Warming One’s Feet in a State of Ecstasy

She glanced in the mirror to comb through her wet hair, serenading into the toothbrush as she reached to grab it up. The words she had been singing with her iPod transitioned into muffled hums as she scrubbed away at her teeth. She spit, rinsed a few times, squirted some moisturizer on her face, and let the towel drop as she reached for lotion to rub on her arms and legs. One more minute to braid her wet, brown hair for bed; then came the ritual of iPod off, bathroom lights out, bedside lamp on, covers back, and pillow plumped. She reached onto her night stand for one of her academic reads. Looked like it would be some Aristotle and Socrates tonight. That familiar companion she had named Loneliness tried to creep into bed beside her. She pulled the covers up over her cooling body to ward off his chill before propping reading glasses over dark brown eyes that refused to look his way. Soon, she was convinced she had ignored him sufficiently. He could go find a more suitable bed partner. She understood the only state of ecstasy she could hope to enter into in this domain would come from the trance-like state of reading for the sake of nothing better to do. If only this type of ecstasy came equipped with foot-warmers, she mused.

who would have entranced
a warm bed to lie upon
gifts cold ecstasy


Yeah, yeah. I duped you with the title. Or…unlikely if you know me, since when have I ever written erotica?! (But I’m thinking Trifecta is trying to get me some of those types of followers, once I put in my tags…) 😉  Moving along…

Many thanks to my favorite pirate for introducing me to haibun, which has saved me (more than once) during NaPoWriMo when I wanted to submit prose. (Presto! Throw in a haiku at the end & you’ve got yourself a poem! I’m ecstatic!)

Ecstatic! Get it?! (moan & grumble, okay) That wasn’t exactly the definition Trifecta was after this week anyway. (And I’m apparently not ecstatic, based on my melancholy submissions as of late. What’s up with that anyway? Knowing me, they’re all just intros to those needing some better life stories – and those of you who know me know my mantra: Everyone needs a good story.)

On to the weekly prompt. This week’s word is:

1a: a state of being beyond reason and self-control

b archaic : swoon
2: a state of overwhelming emotion; especially : rapturous delight

Please remember:

  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response.
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
  • Only one entry per writer.
  • If your post doesn’t meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz.
  • Trifecta is open to everyone. Please join us.

42 thoughts on “Warming One’s Feet in a State of Ecstasy

  1. a wonderful piece and a haiku (I LOVE Haiku), made my Monday morning visit to your space that much better.

    Loved it.
    “Loneliness” as a companion, that was such a telling line.

    • thanks, Kir – I’ve come to enjoy the haibun (prose & haiku) format, so I’m so glad you appreciate it too! And, yes, the line is more telling than the context should allow. (One should never – I mean, NEVER – kiss & tell w/ Loneliness!)

  2. Everything seemed to be under control there; and then the chinks in her armour were revealed, only to be covered over again, Nicely paced – loved it, even if it did leave me feeling slightly sad.

  3. Lovely stuff – some wonderful lines about her ‘companion;, and to be honest, even acting as her foot warmer is potentially exotic. You are right, the haiku finish seems to fit just right – should have thought of it myself in this context. There is the sadness though, even in the choice of her reading material. I feel it for lonely people.

  4. To shower, get in bed with a book and no one to interrupt. I liked the personification of loneliness. I try to think of this when living in my home seems like Grand Central Station and I just want some peace.

  5. This sounds like a darn good evening to me. Loneliness can crawl into bed if he wants, but he won’t get my attention. I’m happily wrapped up in my book and loving every second. Or falling fast asleep trying to sort out what the heck Aristotle is up to. I’m one of those who are more lonely, as you suggest, in the midst of a crowd. I love the structure. I’ve only recently learned what a haibun is. You do it justice. I’ve read a few others on your site, but didn’t have the time to comment. You’re good at it.

    • thanks Steph – Aristotle needs someone to sort him out – and probably needs a good snuggle after all these years! Pirate’s started this haibun craze in me – come join the prompt sometime, if you haven’t already.

  6. Loved this line: “That familiar companion she had named Loneliness tried to creep into bed beside her.” And there I am at home, craving an hour of solitude that never comes!

    • Renee, you just got me tickled, reminding me of how one of my friends once got us into big trouble once (as teens) because of her bedtime routine (where her mom would’ve never known we missed curfew had she not been so insistent on fulfilling her routine). They do serve their purposes though 🙂

  7. So I really enjoyed the story, but I’m wondering how the photo fits in. (Or is it supposed to?) Great post either way!

    • lol, my (apparently not nearly so) clever (as I thought) attempt to combine the ‘enticing’ story title w/ its more mundane content appears to have gone belly-up. Sorry about that…visuals can be tricky. I had discarded the option of using one of my own photos because a) you couldn’t see the book; and b) the mood wasn’t quite what I was after. http://wp.me/a2aURv-1gl But I am absolutely just that happy that you enjoyed the story 😀 -j

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