Let Peace Wash Over Me

Peace. I earnestly searched for it, but it wholly could not be found. I located tattered shreds of it lying all around. I went out to the street pass and begged for any left. I found that I was merely wasting my fragmented breath. No one seems to have any extra bits to spare. Either that’s the case, or they simply will not share.

Piece. I gleaned one today and brushed it off clean. Held onto it tightly to protect its bright sheen. But the more tightly I grasped it, the more deeply it pained – as it dug in my flimsy flesh, my palm left blood-stained. Letting loose of that piece of peace, I let it pass me by. No more need to ponder it; no time left to cry.

Peace, why just one piece of you could not I bear to bare? Why? Oh why?

my peace has all dried
should peace flow like a river
might I bathe before I die



The Ligo Haibun Challenge topic this week is PEACE.

Trust me when I say I nearly passed this one by, as I wasn’t finding mine this week. Then, this morning, I had an epiphany. Wait! That’s it! I can write about not finding peace. (It was actually like one of those V8 commercials, so maybe it was more like a ridiculous moment than an epiphany.) Okay, forgive my silliness – it’s a side effect. Seriously, I’m guessing most of us can relate to those moments in life when we feel we’ve lost our peace and perhaps that it’s not coming back. For some poor, unfortunate souls, it may never be found. I hope my haiku sums up the desperation the narrator is feeling for you.

A couple of form notes: I wrote the prose section in a rhythmic structure, not only because I’m participating in NaPoWriMo this month (writing poetry every day during April), but because that’s how it began to flow when I awoke this morning. (Writing poetry every day for nearly a month apparently has that side effect too.) The haiku I’m offering is in a less traditional format (not being in the more traditional 5-7-5, 17 syllabic form that the English language has more often adopted); rather taking on a hybrid-haiku-tanka structure that lands in 5-7-7 rhythm.

Peace to you & yours, -jody

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