Heart Welts (Friday Fictioneers)

I hoarded my precious basket of memories, to place them on my nightstand…wherever I found myself. They made strange places feel like home – while also stinging me with their emptiness.

That sweltering summer, down at the riverside.

Just the right pebbles to skim across the water.

He gifted me with the most beautiful ones for my collection – one for every night…with him.

The wasp nest shouldn’t have been a good memory – except for the attention he gave to every red welt and tear. He came back and presented it to me – a gesture of what he’d conquered on my behalf. Oh, that my heart hadn’t allowed him to conquer it before that last parting goodbye.


Up to bat at Friday Fictioneers once more. 100-word count story off the image prompt. Come join us! -j

And to fulfill my NaPoWriMo obligation for the day, let me sum up the story in haiku:

Memories move me.
First love’s sting makes its mark.
Do heart welts e’er heal?

37 thoughts on “Heart Welts (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. I like what you did with the use of memories. I think if she can leave the stinging ones behind and just enjoy the good ones, as Anne says, she can move on… and still retain part of her past while living in the present.


    • beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you must’ve had beautiful eyes that day, Joe! ha! Okay, I’ll behave…I had more fun putting this one together than the piece might give away by its tone 🙂

  2. A moving piece about the wonder of memories… I like that the narrator keeps the basket of memories on a nightstand, so they’d be very close to the heart. And I really like that you also have a haiku here, too!

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