By ‘n by Birdie (a bird-brained ditty for the Speakeasy)

Birdie Little, highest town flyer,
always demanded the best.
If not out gathering the juiciest worms,
she was building the finest nest.

When rumors took flight
all the other birds would say,
she wasn’t about to let anything
get in her way.

Oh-ho! Then Junior Redbreast
came gliding into town,
strutting his cocky ‘birds n’ bees’ stuff,
parading all around.

He had all foul beaks chirping,
all fancy feathers fluffed –
the chicks began ‘cheaping,’
flocked to call Junior’s bluff.

But hawk eyes for Birdie
were all Junior had;
he knew he wanted Birdie,
wanted her worse than real bad.

Birdie just wanted to flip up her wing
at her dreadful one traffic-light town;
she had bigger dreams of singing Freebird –
not settling for some bird-brained clown.

Junior preened and he courted, overtime,
to romance her with his dance;
then, early one day, hiding out in the bush,
Birdie cooed and he took his chance.

These days, Birdie seems to have forgotten
her birds-eye view of a distant shore
as she perches, awaiting Junior’s return
atop these freckled four.

We shan’t call a swan song for Birdie, though;
she’s putting back nest eggs.
For after Junior’s flown the coop,
she plans to spread her wings – living high on crab legs.


Time for the #105 speakeasy’s fiction slam & poetry jam this week!

Here are the main points to remember for this one:

  • Use the photo prompt (included above).
  • Use the theme sentence anywhere within the entry (provided by speakeasy #104 winner Natalie DeYoung):  ”She wasn’t about to let anything get in her way.”
  • Focus on the Future as part of the theme.
  • Keep it fiction (even if poetry) & limit it to a 500 word count max.
  • Oh, and go to the link & check out the other entries – and feel free to add one of your own!


16 thoughts on “By ‘n by Birdie (a bird-brained ditty for the Speakeasy)

    • Stacie, as I sat hear at my computer, shaping my poem, I had a symphony of chirping going on outside my window (which made it all the more enjoyable to work on!). Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  1. I love that! That is amazing! Normally rhymes sound like they are really forced to me but this flows so well!

    And the picture in the top corner fits perfect with the weather outside here! (:

    • I keep reminding myself that May flowers come next 🙂 btw, I got a kick out of your name, as Dani-girl is a nickname one of my characters bestows on another, so thanks so much for stopping in & giving me a big smile! and thanks for your kind words.

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