Whistful Farewell


You were a soft, whispery breeze
Blowing gently on my life;
Rising up…

But for the briefest of moments,
You billowed through –

Warm with the tenderness of your kind heart’s touch;
Cool with the refreshing welcome of a friend.
Even now I try to convince myself
Your presence I’ll feel no more.

Yet here in the place where I stand,
Among the rustling branches
Of all who embraced your being,
You still sway.

You tease the tendrils of loved ones’ hair,
Administering your sweet breathy kisses;
And caress today’s rain-filled clouds,
Stirring dew from our sorrowful souls.

© 2011 Jody Love


Whistful farewell. Published in World Poetry Movement. Stars in our Hearts. Park City, UT: Eber & Wein.

(Author’s note:  I penned this in free verse in July 2011 to honor a precious friend whose passing into eternity came very quickly after she received a diagnosis of adult leukemia. Publishing it became a way to be triumphant over grief by sharing my sorrow with others who might have a need to relate. And, yes, when publishing, I chose to purposefully ‘mis’-spell ‘Whistful’ to achieve that whispery wind effect for the reader. I only wish all my mishaps in life were so easily explained.) ;p

The poem is a reprint from my 4th ever blog post, dated 9/9/12. The photo is one I took this past week.


12 thoughts on “Whistful Farewell

  1. “for the briefest moment , you billowed through”
    what a delightful and thoughtful memory, what a way to flip my stomach, just a little.

    this is so timely considering we lost people yesterday and so with tears in my eyes, I tell you that it’s gorgeous and honest.

    • thank you, Kir. It seemed like all I had to offer today in the midst of another senseless, tragic loss. I wanted to be able to give something that had a ring of hope & peace, but for now, I had to move to the archives (as my soul is still searching today to find that place of rest again). Peace on you, -j

  2. Jody, these seem like dogwood trees, but I’m probably wrong… this poem seemed at first to be about the blossoms and how they will soon fall, but it quickly turned into a loved one passing. Too many goodbyes, too soon, and I appreciate your explanation of “whistful,” as I was going to put in a little hint about the spelling! Truly lovely, sad… thanks, Amy

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