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KZ at the Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic nominated me for a couple of blog awards recently, so I thought it would be fun to share the love today.

What did I tell you about the bling? I can’t wait to have this thing hanging from a chain around my neck, dawg. (Yeah, that was strange for me too.)

Okay, you don’t really have to put on the hardware. Instead, to accept this award, the recipient must: come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and write about something relevant to that individual (an A-Z acceptance speech, of sorts). (Suddenly the image of Big Bird wearing a Mr. B bling hanging from a chain just flashed through my mind. I may be in need of some medication…) Oh, yeah…and then pass on the chainmail…

So, here I am, from A to Z:

Admit wrong-doing & failure – I find I’m better able to look at myself in the mirror each morning and know it’s truly still me. (It kind of freaks me out to think of looking in the mirror & it not be me.)

Be forgiving – because I’ve been forgiven (daily. at least a hundred times. okay, maybe a few hundred more than that.)

“Cast a cold eye, there, Mr. Yeats” – this is my poetic contribution (okay, not mine, but Wey’s in reference to WB, himself) for NaPoWriMo & is one of the grand many banters between my two favorite Donnelly brothers, Wil & Wey, in At the Water’s Edge (pst – follow the link for one of my favorite Yeats’ stanzas)

Dissertation – it’s what sucks the life out of my days while giving me great purpose in life at the same time. (Such a strange dichotomy, don’t you think?)

Eire – the land of my paternal grandparents’ descent, thus the setting of my first novel in honor of them & my deceased nephew, whose greatest desire was to pay revisit to the Emerald Isle. (I got him there the best way I could.)

Funny – what I realize I’ve fallen short of being when I get strange looks from people who take themselves too seriously. (My dad used to say, “All the comedians in the world out of a job, and my daughter wants to be one.”)

God gets first place – and when God isn’t getting first place, it’s time to go back to “A” (without the mirror, so I can resist the whole vanity thing).

Hiking – the way I get in touch with challenging myself on where I’m wishing to go…while needing to be nowhere in particular that moment

Ice cream – it’s my downfall, darn it

Jilli – a novel character who I’m presently bringing to life through her death in Rolling River. She’s very strong (at hiding her vulnerabilities).

– the most common response received via text from my teenage son these days.

Love – yes, that really is my name & who wouldn’t want it? It makes the world go round.

Mint chocolate chip, specifically – that goes with “I” above

No – I have a problem saying that word, so I thought I’d practice it here.

Oh the possibilities! – and I try to never overlook any of them.

Purple – it’s my favorite color – the mix of cool blues with fiery reds (it’s like the steam when water & fire come together)

Quare thoughts dancing in my head – this is how I entertain myself 

Radiation – it’s the reason interviewees claim to me they’d rather not work in x-ray (just before making an appointment to go roast their livers in a tanning bed)

See others through God’s eyes – because without that extra set of lenses, I won’t even want to look in the mirror on certain days

Treasure friendships – true ones are rare; acknowledge their great value (make a safe deposit box in your heart for them)

Ultrasound – it’s what I do (but you’ll never hear me!)

Vacation Bible School – I’m often asked to be the narrator/story-teller, in which I like to create an imaginary character to help the children be drawn in to the drama. I’m currently trying to decide on this year’s character theme. Any clever ideas to share?

Whitewater – my favorite place to be

X-rays? I’ve learned & taught a thing or two about them in my time. (I might even have x-ray vision…)

Yodeling – is an enigma to me (akin to watching a train wreck)

Zebra patterns – similar to Y  (as in: Why would any human dress up like a Safari Happy Meal – when there are so many predator prints available?)


And here are my nominees for this award – may you wear your bling with pride (otherwise, you’ll look as naked as Kanye West did without his common sense at the Grammys if you don’t accept this award…but, hey, no pressure):

So many great friends from which to choose…
With this much talent, how can you lose?

Link over to them and check each one out.
Tell them Jody’s sending a shout.

There, now I’ve fulfilled my NaPoWriMo obligation for today…
Remember Thumper’s mom’s advice as you go on your way –
whate’er you think ’bout my poem here, best not to say!

Oh, and have a wonderful day!!!



10 thoughts on “Blog Bling

  1. Oh boy,this poem & the A-Z i way cool Jody!Love the way you write but am getting ahead of myself-first things first,thank you so much for your nomination-am touched & honoured.To be honest,I have already refused two awards & another one(the first) is still pending-am so technically handicapped-have still not been able to understand how to configure the award or any other button on my blog.Also the lengthy process of accepting the award always made me wary.However,loved this concept & you are right it would help me re-think how to write my “about”-so will be happy to accept the award provided you guide me as to how to go about it.Thanks in advance-my mail id is

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