A Tall Drink of Water

A young friend was distraught
because her boyfriend had suggested
she should run some extra laps.
I told her she should suggest
for him to swim a few –
while dispensing his advice.


Yes, I’m thinking of applying to have my own Advice Column – Endearing to Nobody.

However, this is a quick 33-word quip in response to this weekend’s Trifextra challenge:

We want you to give us thirty-three words of advice.  Your advice can be to anyone or about anything.  We only ask that you make it uniquely yours.  If you have time to kill, you can easily get lost in the advice of others here.


By the way, I spaced my words to look like they were being delivered in poetic verse (or maybe a column of advice! ha!) because of my NaPoWriMo 2013 commitment for the month of April.

It’s not a poem.
I was cheating.
That confession
didn’t feel the least bit
good for my soul

19 thoughts on “A Tall Drink of Water

  1. I love both ‘poems’ 🙂 The first one is closer to my heart though; I tossed around a few similar pieces of a advice to my sobbing friends back in the day.

  2. Not knowing the circumstances that led to his utterance, I am not so quick to jump all over this guy. If he is an ass then, he deserves the scorn being heaped upon him. However, most guys, at one time or another, have encountered the “How do I look in this?” minefield and it is not so easy to come up with a sincere answer that is well-received. Ex. “You look wonderful, Sweetheart.” “You’re just saying that! Tell me the truth!” “But I am telling you the truth.” There are lots of other examples of this no-win situation for the guy, too. So, for now, he has my benefit of the doubt. If you have additional info. to confirm his assholian nature then, I’ll happily side with your friend and agree with your advice, Jody. 🙂 Thanks for a thought-provoking post, as usual.

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