A Fool’s Full-ishness

If fool is what’s to befall on me,
then I pray I might be…

The foolhardiest in my endeavor;
basking in tomfoolery when the moment strikes;
made full by a foolscap of pining letters;
outfooling those who do not desire the sting.

If fool is what’s to become of me,
then I beg I might not…

Set up a foolproof plan to thwart the coming;
try to fool myself into believing it will last;
be the foolisher in the midst of the pair;
skirt my wish to be one among, befooled by love.

© 2013 jody love


Welcome to April – the month of showers and this special Day of Fools. Love is probably the last hope for most adults to allow themselves to openly be fools, so it has to be deliciously and deceptively magical, for that reason alone. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed my depiction of how wonderful it can be to be full of such foolishness!

One of the funniest people I’ve ever known was born on this day – my uncle, who is no longer with us on this side of eternity. So, as is often my tradition when I write, I try to scatter pieces of those I love into my characters. I couldn’t resist giving this birthday to one of my most cherished characters, Wey Donnelly, in At the Water’s Edge. I pulled the conversation out of context to share it with you today, on Wey’s day.

Wey leaned up on his elbow, laughing with his brother, “Nah, he’s jest jealous, Dani-girl. Me birthday happens ta’ be a woll-known holiday in many parts o’ the world.”

He watched as Danielle’s eyes rolled up towards her right temple, as though she were trying to think of any well-known holiday that landed on the Aries portion of the zodiac calendar. She was coming up empty, since potential religious holidays didn’t consistently fall on the same day.

“Let me offer up a hint,” Wil leaned up himself and mock whispered again in her ear. “Has Wey yet taught ye’ the meanin’ o’ ‘header’? ‘Cause tha’s what he is – en it matches his day o’ birth ta’ perfection!”

Danielle paused in thought and then laughed delightedly, as the answer instantaneously registered in her head. “Oh, I’ll bet I know!” she squealed. Before either of them could consider whether they’d like to take her up on her bet, she blurted out, “April 1!”

“Woll, I’m in me wick!” chuckled Wey. “Ye’ got it!”

I wish as great a foolishness as these three were having over each one of you today!



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