Growing Fully to Fruition

“It was impossible for you to tell him, was ‘not? You shan’t see him again.” The well shaped young woman slung her long, silky hair across her shoulders as she smugly turned away, adjusting her bosom up from her corset. “’Tis not as though your tryst with him shan’t come to fruition. Father shalt open his eyes and all willst come to light soon ‘nough.”

Colleen didn’t need to see the expression on her older sister’s face to know it was full of satisfied malice. She had warned Philippe to never approach her in the stables. She knew her sister had been suspicious by the concerns she’d expressed that Philippe’s gaze had remained too long on Colleen when they’d come in from riding. Colleen further understood that Amelia’s chiefly unspoken complaint was that Philippe’s gaze had not been, instead, upon her. Philippe despised the air that Amelia cast about, as though she should be considered the most desirable woman in the world.  She had all but told him that, proclaiming how fortunate he’d be to have her. That’s when he’d decided to steal his glances another direction, towards a younger and more impressionable sister who would grow to have at least some level of beauty but would be manageable if something was stolen from her early enough.

The only problem was that Amelia had stolen away from her studies too early and discovered more than Philippe’s gaze on Colleen. She’d gazed his lips in places Amelia had never considered a man’s lips should travel. She’d peered through the cracks from another stall until one of the horses had become disturbed, whence she’d had to reveal her presence before being searched out. She’d made quite the show of it, grabbing up the blacksmith’s hammer where he’d been shoeing the horses earlier that day. She’d backed Philippe deeply into a corner, commanding Colleen return to the house among threats she cast towards her sister’s clandestine lover. By the time Amelia had returned to their room, she looked filthy, as though she’d been shoeing the horses herself. Colleen was mortified.

Colleen chased after her sister, wiping embarrassment and anguish from her face. “Please, Amelia. Promise me you shan’t tell Father when he returns. He’ll kill Philippe and banish me from his presence forevermore.”

Amelia turned slowly, a sly grin spreading across her face. “You’re both fortunate I didst not do the job for Father tonight. Had Philippe not been faster and stronger, I swear I would’ve killed him, Colleen.” She waited for her younger sister to calm her gasps before continuing. “I shan’t tell if you swear on your life to stay clear of the stables from this day forward, with all focus on your music and studies.”

“I swear all,” Colleen sobbed, knowing Amelia was emotionally capable of seeing her banned otherwise.

Amelia was truthful when she said all would come to light soon enough. Nine months later, she, Philippe and a babe were all banished from Father’s property, presence – and inheritance.


This one is for the Speakeasy #102 at yeah write

Here are the main points:

  • though your post is NOT about the photo you must make some reference to it
  • you must start with the first line our last winner, Suzanne, has provided. “It was impossible.” Please do not post explanations, qualifications or other stuff prior to this sentence. If you need to clarify anything, feel free to do so briefly (like really briefly) at the end.
  • your post is either fiction or poetry, including fictional accounts of true stories
  • keep it 500 words or less

20 thoughts on “Growing Fully to Fruition

  1. I love the setting you chose. Hopefully everyone lives happily ever after despite the banishment! Great take on the prompts and exactly 500 words to boot 😉

    • Thanks, Stacie. I’ll surely give credit for the setting to the presenter of the photo. That’s immediately where it drew my mind. Thanks for taking the time to count each word too – lol (bad joke, I know). 🙂

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