This all began about a week or so ago with Sue’s challenge at A Word in Your Ear on hats.

My tagline was:

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!

They do, after all, make the person(a) – 

and my series of photos ended with this one and the challenge below it:

hats5So let’s have a little contest for this last one. Who can come up with the best quote about Pharaoh’s Hat? Winner gets their quote published with the picture in a post next week.
(I’ll let my family do the judging.)

Let’s give a shout-out to the Top captioned entries that were all deemed funny and quite timely
by my judges (who are in their teenage years, btw).

  1. Skinnywench (who wrote on a timely Easter topic – which also just happens to be my teenage son’s favorite Easter treat – not saying that had anything to do with it being the winning entry or anything! ha!): “All he needs is the contents of a Cadbury’s cream egg running down his face from the hat and him licking it and then the caption could be ‘How do you eat yours?’ :_)”
  2. Bazza (who wrote on a very teenager-ish topic – go figure that it caught their eyes! lol): “Cleopatra says: ‘No! No! No! I said I wanted a hands-free PHONE …’”
  3. Judy Lesko (who timed it perfectly with the Papal proceedings, but what do teenagers know about old men in red Gucci shoes, anyway? That was the most important point coming from the media, wasn’t it?): “Dude . . .I thought I’d be the next Pope!”

Such creative & crazy responses have inspired me to want to keep this game going with future photos.

Thanks to those fun folks participating & Hope you’ll all join me again to play along soon!

All grins, -jody


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