Carpe Diem Haiku: Haru Higan (Spring equinox)

Great consternation!
Cast by constellations.
Asterism clear –

Mighty ram appears,
climbing up the stellar trail
of the astral sphere.


Carpe Diem’s haiku challenges us this month to explore classical Japanese kigo (seasonwords).
March 21’s prompt celebrates the beginning of Spring with: Haru Higan (Spring equinox).

As a sidenote, I’ve always liked this day, so much so that I made it the birthday for one of my beloved characters in my novel, At the Water’s Edge. It works well, too, since the book’s setting is Ireland, where the roots of Druidism and Christianity meet in celebration during this season. My Spring Equinox protagonist, Danielle, arrives on the scene with her own golden aura. The symbolism of her birthday is actually meant to bridge the gap between Wil’s sometimes calm/sometimes raging water-loving Pisces personality and Wey’s sometimes fiery, always earthy Aries attitude. Danielle’s arrival also denotes the disturbance of their own private equinox, providing all the glorious nuances that springtime brings!

24 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Haiku: Haru Higan (Spring equinox)

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