…Sexy Back? Yeah, I’m watching it.

Image courtesy of Dean McCoy Photography, as found on Write at the Merge

Here we go again. Déjà vu. She walks into my life, we share some good times, something goes wrong, and now she’s walking away. Oh, sure. The name’s different…again. But the story’s always the same. April, May, June…some have lasted longer than their names. Jade, Amber, Opal…the luster faded in each and every one, though I can’t exactly tell you when or why. Iris, Lily, Daisy…their scents weren’t nearly so sweet once their seasons ended and they became crushed. Holly. She was a little feistier. It pricked me down deep when her soul bled. But I try not to let it bother me for too long. That’s all I’ve come to expect from women. Relationships are temporary, a convenience before they become inconvenient.

Katarina was different though. I didn’t expect her to walk away. I expected her to stand her ground and tell me where I could go. The woman comes from a lineage of warriors. She fought for everything she ever had in life, including her position in the GRU. I worked with one of theirs to identify the operators in their stateside covert affairs. When it came time to deal with Kat, I ended up having my own little covert operation on the side, I’ll admit. I couldn’t stand the thought of that set of legs being placed in confinement (unless I’d chosen the method myself).

Yeah, I’m going to pay for my sins, one way or another. Maybe this is my penitence. Or maybe she’ll be back soon to show me where I can go instead – and how to get there. What else should I expect? She was as close to heaven as I’m ever going to get.


It’s Write at the Merge time again. Week 12 !

This story was written with 2 prompts in mind (with an attempt from the male perspective – which isn’t really as far a stretch for me as some might think, since I was raised by a male & have worked at raising 3 of them myself – hopefully to turn out better than this guy, of course!).

One of the prompts was the photo included above with the story.

The other was this Justin Timberlake music video:


9 thoughts on “…Sexy Back? Yeah, I’m watching it.

  1. I really like the way you show how badly he just wants one of these women to stand up to him, and I’m left thinking that because he wants it so badly he’s never going to get it.

  2. I love this, Love how he expected it of everyone but her..and she walks anyway.
    Your weaving of words is stunning and engaging. You brought life to the picture and the song.

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